Instant Lawn Care Tips

  • Mow often and regularly according to the season.
  • Keep mower blades sharp and replace them if worn. This ensures a clean cut.
  • Never remove more than one third of the leaf length per mow. Reduce the cutting height over several mowings until the desired height is reached.
  • If the area is shaded a longer cutting height will be advantageous.
  • Early morning watering is better than late at night. Late night watering encourages disease as the leaf is moist for longer periods.
  • Deep watering after establishment will encourage a longer root system. Avoid shallow frequent watering.
  • Fertilise regularly.
  • Apply soluble lime to acidic soils. Use a PH test kit to determine this or bring your soil sample to Anco for analysis.
  • The use of Sulphate of Iron in late September on Santa Anna Couch, Conquest Couch and Kikuyu will aid in greening the turf following winter. Apply as a liquid at the correct rate to avoid burning the leaf.
  • Apply a Complete Fertiliser such as Anco Turf Starter late in Autumn. This will help the plant through winter and encourage root growth.
  • Aerate compacted and high traffic areas with a Garden fork or corer.
  • Use wetting agents in summer on dry patches and areas where surface run off occurs during irrigation.
  • Older thick spongy warm season grasses (Couch, Kikuyu) can be “dethatched” mid summer by setting the mower down low and scalping the turf. The discolouration of the turf that occurs from this process will return to normal after a few weeks. Feed the lawn with Anco lawn food following the scalping and deep irrigate.


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