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Nullarbor Couch Oversown With Fine Fescue Blend (ONLINE ONLY)

$7.70 per m2

or 4 fortnightly payments of $1.93 with Afterpay More info

This extra special blend is for Melbourne suburbs. This unique blend combines Nullarbor Couch oversown with Fine Fescue.

This product is only available until Christmas with limited stock available

Square Meters Needed

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  • Home Lawns, Naturestrips, Commercial landscapes
  • Bunch type grass
  • Medium to coarse leaf
  • Uses
  • Benefits
  • Maintenance
  • Mowing
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  • Home  Lawns
  • Commercial  landscapes
  • Golf  tees  &  fairways
  • Sportsfields
  • Tennis  courts
  • Cricket  wickets
  • Croquet  greens
  • Parks
  • Self-­repairing grass that fills in bare spots
  • Grows in sun or shade areas
  • Resistance to pests
  • Resistance to disease
  • Produces a lush lawn
  • Soft to the touch and gentle on bare feet
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Apply Lawn Solutions Australia lawn food in September and again in December. Remove thatch each spring in mid to late November and follow this with an application of Lawn Solutions Australia lawn food and a deep irrigation.
  • Topdressing with sand or loamy soil to achieve a level surface minimises turf scalping. Topdressing can take place after full recovery from de-thatching processes or at any time during mid-late spring
  • In summer the use of wetting agents will keep the turf green and reduce the incidence of hydrophobic soil
  • In March apply Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Food to enhance root production prior to winter dormancy

Regular mowing improves the quality and look of a Nullarbor Santa Ana lawn. A manicured look can be achieved with Nullarbor Santa Ana if mown short. It should not be left longer than 25mm, as thatching and scalping tendencies will increase. The ideal mowing height is 8-15mm. It can be mown shorter (6mm) if mown with a cylinder mower regularly in spring and summer. Less frequent mowing is required in autumn and winter. If a very short lawn is required (6-8mm) biweekly mowing in the growing season will be necessary to avoid scalping.

Nullarbor Couch is widely used as it makes a good environmentally friendly surface for your yard, playing field or parkland area when frequently mowed every 5-7 days in summer.


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