Professor Mac 3 in 1

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Professor Mac 3 in 1 is a combination product that contains Lawn Food, Wetting Agent and an Organic Insecticide. The Organic Insecticide active constituents contained in the product are Eucalyptus Oil and Tea Tree Oil.. Professor Mac’s 3 in 1 has been shown in trials to be an effective control against Lawn Army Worm and African Black Beetle. The wetting agents contained in the product help to move the natural insecticides deep into the soil profile where they can contact the insects and provide an effective control.

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How to use: The convenient hose on product is simple to use. Simply attach the Hose-On fitting to the hose, turn on the tap and the tap water will mix with product automatically in the correct ratio. Apply early morning or late afternoon. Apply at the label rate.


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Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 27 cm

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