Water for Your Lawn - In and Around Melbourne

Beat Water Restrictions...

By recycling the grey water from your washing machine you can water your lawn and garden without breaking water restrictions!

What is Grey Water?

Greywater is untreated waste water that is produced by activities such as washing clothes, dishes, and bathing. It doesn't include water from toilets which is known as Black Water. Used responsibly, you can irrigate your garden with grey water and save between 100-400 litres of fresh water each day.

The average Australian household generates approximately 500-600 litres of wastewater each day. This amount will vary greatly according to the number of occupants, their age and lifestyle. Roughly 60% of this water can be recycled and with a Greywater Gator (see below) you can recycle about 34% of that amount. That's roughly 135 litres EVERY day that can go towards keeping your garden alive during the harsh summer months.

Care should also be taken to prevent contact with the grey water whilst it is being applied to your garden.

When watering your garden with Grey Water you need to use an appropriate laundry powder or liquid. For a comprehensive list of these we recommend that you visit Lanfax Labs website. You may also need to reduce the amount of fertiliser you use when irrigating your garden with grey water. You will also need to monitor your plants very closely to see if there are any harmful effects from irrigating with Grey Water. If you notice plants that look sick you may need to change your detergent or even cease watering with Grey Water.