1) What soil type should I use for the lawn?

Use Sandy loam soils that are free draining.

2) What is the ideal soil PH level for lawns?

6.5 –7 is ideal. Anco offer a free soil PH test. Drop into one of our stores and bring along 1litre of soil for a free soil ph test.

3) How often should I water?

Water new turf immediately that it is laid. The new turf may need up to 4 waterings per day. After the turf can’t be lifted reduce the number of waterings.

4) When should I fertilise and how often?

Use Lawn Starter on new turf and then fertilise with a High Nitrogen Lawn Food 4-6 weeks after laying. For warm season grasses such as Sir Walter, Eureka Kikuyu and Nullarbor Couch fertilise twice in Spring, Summer and Autumn. There is no need to fertilise in winter.

5) When should I first mow my new turf?

Once the turf cant be lifted mow the turf to its highest recommended cutting height which is listed on our website for each turf type. Gradually reduce the height over several cuts remembering not to mow more than 1/3 of the leaf off per mow. Mowing regularly reduces scalping and keeps the lawn healthy. Sharpen mower blades regularly.

6) How do I aerate a lawn and why?

Use a Garden fork and push the fork in to a depth of at least 90mm every 8-10cm. Rock the blade back and forth taking care not to break through the surface. Aerating reduces compaction which is a major  cause of shallow rooting, disease and wear.

7) Is it OK to lay turf in winter?

Although winter is not the optimum time to lay turf varieties such as Sir Walter DNA Certified, Eureka Kikuyu and Nularbor couch will all initiate roots in winter when laid as turf. Keep all wear of the new turf until the spring if laid in winter. RTF Tall Fescue will develop well in winter from Turf. It is not recommended to lay Buffalograss in shaded areas in winter. For shady spots wait until spring to lay turf.

8) How do I know if I have Lawn grubs?

Dig up the lawn in an area that is still green on the edge of a dead patch to a depth of 100mm and see if there are any white curl grubs (Cockchafers). If so apply the appropriate control. To break the life cycle of the Beetle larvae (Cockchafers) apply the correct insecticide in October and again in mid January.

9) How do I get rid of moss?

Moss is usually a sign of moist compacted soil that is not draing. Aerate the lawn and apply either a solution of Copper Sulphate or Iron sulphate. If the area is particularly wet consider adding drainage to eradicate the problem.

10) Is it safe to water during the day?

Yes you can water at any time but be careful not to let water pond in spots on very hot days as this may scold the leaf.