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Weed Control


Turf is susceptible to weeds, disease and pests, like any plant in your garden. To protect your lawn throughout the year, remember to apply weed, disease and pest control treatment on a regular basis. Most products are poisonous, so remember to apply them conservatively to prevent unwanted damage to your grass.

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  • Oxafert Herbicide & Fertiliser
    $48.50 per m2
    = $48.50
  • Winter Grass Killer 100ML
    Winter Grass Killer 100ML
    $26.95 per m2
    = $26.95
  • bow & arrow
    Bow & Arrow Herbicide 500ml
    $59.95 per m2
    = $59.95
  • Oxa-Pro The Andersons 20kg
    $179.95 per m2
    = $179.95
  • Bin-Die 500ML
    Bin-Die 500ML
    $35.00 per m2
    = $35.00
  • Bin-Die 250ML
    Bin-Die 250ML
    $24.00 per m2
    = $24.00
  • Pendi-Pro The Andersons 20kg
    $109.00 per m2
    = $109.00
  • Monument Herbicide 100ML
    Monument Herbicide 100ML
    $255.00 per m2
    = $255.00
  • Sedge Control Herbicide 25g
    $65.00 per m2
    = $65.00
  • Autumn & Winter Value Pack
    $216.00 $165.00 per m2
    = $165.00
  • DithioMAX 20kg
    $129.95 per m2
    = $129.95
  • ProForce Duke 100WG Herbicide 100g
    $220.00 per m2
    = $220.00

Lawn Weeds Disease Control Supplies Online

Weeds are an unpleasant sight and disease can damage your beautiful lawn. Since lawn is a part of the natural environment, weeds and disease can often occur unexpectedly.
To treat lawn, apply weeds and disease control products in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Periodic application is recommended to maintain healthy turf.

Why Buy Lawn Weed & Pest Control Products from Anco Turf?

We stock weeds, disease and pest control products that have been tested to deliver positive outcomes. We understand that no one likes the sight of weedy, disease-ridden and pest infiltrated lawn. We offer reputable products that have been carefully developed to provide exceptional results, if applied correctly.
If you have any concerns about your lawn, and do not know how to cure the problem, call us for help.
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