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To help you grow your own lawn, we stock seeds for most grass varieties including Couch, Kikuyu and RTF Tall Fescue. Each seed pack will sow a defined area of land. There are various procedures to follow when applying seeds to land, so make sure you follow the instructions for best results. You will need to prepare the soil, apply the seeds carefully, rake the seeds in gently, water couple of times a day and avoid foot traffic to the area.

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  • RTF Tall Fescue Seed 2KG
    RTF Tall Fescue Seed 2KG
    $45.00 per m2
    = $45.00
  • Kikuyu-3kg-Seed-Anco-Turf-Instant-Turf-Melbroune-1200x1200
    Kikuyu Plus Seed 3kg Bag
    $49.95 per m2
    = $49.95
  • RTF Tall Fescue 4kg Seed
    RTF Tall Fescue Seed 4KG
    $85.00 per m2
    = $85.00
  • Kikuyu Seed 500G
    Kikuyu Seed 500G
    $50.00 per m2
    = $50.00
  • Kikuyu Seed 1KG
    Kikuyu Seed 1KG
    $100.00 per m2
    = $100.00
  • Couch Seed 1KG
    Couch Seed 1KG
    $44.00 per m2
    = $44.00
  • Fine & Hardy 4kg Seed
    Fine & Hardy Seed 4KG
    $54.00 per m2
    = $54.00
  • Anco Turf RTF Tall Fescue Seed 20kg
    RTF Tall Fescue Seed 20KG
    $400.00 per m2
    = $400.00
  • Fine & Hardy 2kg Seed
    Fine & Hardy Seed 2KG
    $28.00 per m2
    = $28.00
  • Fine & Hardy Seed 20KG
    $255.00 per m2
    = $255.00
  • Thrifty Seed Mix 20kg
    $180.00 per m2
    = $180.00
  • Thrifty Seed Mix 4kg
    $35.00 per m2
    = $35.00
  • Thrifty Seed Mix 2kg
    $20.00 per m2
    = $20.00

Lawn Seed Supplies Online

As opposed to purchasing instant turf, you can acquire lawn seeds. Get everyone involved in your new project to grow lawn at your property. Sowing land with seeds is a great way to stay active and see grass grow from the beginning. This can be a great family exercise, but remember to remind your children and pets to stay off the sown area until the grass has visibly matured.
As the grass grows, apply water and fertiliser in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

Why Buy Lawn Seed Online from Anco Turf?

We stock reputable grass seed products that will provide an exceptional outcome for your property. Our seeds have been carefully developed to deliver excellent results. Remember, not all seeds are ideal for all environments, so check the specifications.
If the manufacturer’s instructions are followed correctly, you will grow lush green grass that will experience healthy growth. Following its maturity, remember to care, manage and maintain your turf accordingly.
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