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Colour Guard


To enhance the look of your lawn, ColourGuard lawn paint is ideal. We supply a range of Colour Guard products to add cosmetic appeal to your lawn throughout the year. Colour Guard is a concentrated applicant that is ideal for various turf areas and lawn types. The formulation consists of natural ingredients that will not harm the health or growth of the turf.

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  • ColourGuard Plus – RTU 2 Litres
    $37.50 per m2
    = $37.50
  • ColourGuard Plus 100ml Concentrate
    $37.50 per m2
    = $37.50
  • ColourGuard Plus 2.5lt Concentrate
    $231.00 per m2
    = $231.00

Colour Guard Supplies Online

To quickly green up dormant lawns for up to 7 weeks, acquire ColourGuard lawn product. ColourGuard technology delivers micron sized organic pigment solids into the tiny pores of the leaf issues via water delivery spray applications. This helps to temporarily make the lawn look green for a definite period of time.
ColourGuard is safe for kids, pets and other neighbouring plants.

Why Buy Colour Guard Online from Anco Turf?

Colour Guard is a handy product that will help beautify your lawn with natural ingredients. During and following Winter dormancy when the temperatures are low, apply Colour Guard to visibly enhance your lawn so that its inherent green colour is prominent. ColourGuard is easy to apply and can be sprayed on using generally available tools and equipment.
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