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Nullarbor Santa Ana Couch Grass

Nullarbor Santa Ana Couch Grass

Turf Varieties
Nullarbor Santa Ana Couch Nullarbor Santa Ana Couch

Nullarbor Santa Ana Couch

For pure toughness in hot, dry situations

This fine leafed couch grass is a warm-season grass which thrives on sun and heat. A Nullarbor Santa Ana lawn in Melbourne is tough and durable and looks best when mown short, 10-20mm.

Santa Ana turf needs occasional verticutting or scalping under low-wear conditions. Excellent for high-wear play areas as it will tolerate considerable traffic but is typically intolerant of heavy shade, preferring 6-7 hours of sun per day. Perfect for north-facing situations.

Hardwearing in nature, Santa Ana is less invasive than other creeping grasses. Santa Ana can be cut extremely short and used as a home golf green.

To read about Nullarbor Santa Ana in more detail, view our specification sheet here.

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Benefits of Nullarbor Couch Lawn

  • Drought Tolerant

    Drought Tolerant

  • Hardwearing


  • Sun


  • Fineleaf


  • Self Repairing

    Self Repairing

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Nullarbor Santa Ana Couch Lawn Origins & Specifications

Developed by the University of California, Santa Ana’s entry into Australia can be traced back to importation by Anco in the early 1980s and the then Department of Agriculture Frankston Turf Research facility.

Santa Ana is a hybrid couch that produces sterile seeds. Therefore, it can only be propagated from sprigs or turf. It produces a dense, soft lawn and makes excellent turf when managed correctly.

To read the sheet for Nullarbor Santa Ana turf, just click here.

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Nullarbor Santa Ana Couch FAQs

Looking after a Santa Ana lawn in Melbourne is simple and involves regular mowing, sufficient watering, high sun exposure and occassional fertilization at the right times of the year. Santa Ana is often chosen for its tolerance to heat, wear and drought conditions.

Yes.  A highly durable couch grass, Santa Ana grass is easier to maintain than most other similar turf types. Given that Santa Ana couch in Melbourne is often used in expansive outdoor spaces, its low maintenance properties are beneficial.

Nullarbor couch lawns fare very well in high sun areas. It can also withstand long periods without rainfall. However, during the first few months after laying of the turf, regular watering is important for establishing a good root system and to optimise the lawn’s health. Thereafter, watering in the warmer months once per 7-14 days should be sufficient.

It is possible to overwater a Nullarbor couch lawn in Melbourne. Once the grass has established, watering it every 7-14 days is enough. During winter, monitor the rainfall and the condition of the lawn to determine whether top-up watering is needed.

You should always monitor the appearance of your grass; you may notice patchy areas that might have lost their green colour, and one reason for this could be a lawn disease. Fertilisers and Wetting Agents can help with this.  If the entire Nullarbor couch lawn looks dry, thorough watering can help it bounce back. You can always talk to a turf specialist if you are unclear about the cause of your lawn problem.

Santa Ana couch grass is often used on sporting facilities such as golf courses and high traffic areas. Cutting it short is necessary to achieve a neat and dense sward that can function as a ‘grass carpet’.

Mowing your couch lawn short in Melbourne will help stimulate more even lateral growth for thicker coverage. Be sure to use a catcher on the mower or rake away the clippings to ensure air and water reach the roots easily. If bare patches are continuing, turf those spots using the right turf for your lawn. This will instantly repair and provide an even surface.