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Anco Turf App – The Best App for Lawn & Garden Care

Anco Turf App – The Best App for Lawn & Garden Care

  • 14 - 04 - 2021
  • Anco Turf App
By Anco Turf

Are you looking to take your turf and lawn game to the next level?


Are you a DIY legend looking to understand which turf product is right for your lawn, how to install it and how to maintain it?

anco turf app


Or are you a landscaper, looking for a simple solution that will help you quote, order and track delivery of turf orders and accessories for your clients?

Well, look no further.

The team at Anco Turf have been working hard on our brand new app that will make completing, managing and tracking your turf orders from our online store easier than ever before, as well as host of fantastic features that will help:

  • Customers learn how to install and maintain their turf
  • Trade Clients quote jobs, complete orders and even compile a portfolio of work

Buying Turf Made Easy With Anco Turf App

Buying turf and lawn products has never been easier thanks to the Anco Turf app.

Now you can browse our complete range of turf and lawn products and accessories from the palm of your hand!

After you’ve downloaded the app, create an Anco Turf account or log in if you already have one.

Log in to your new or current account to enter the app’s home screen, where you can start shopping for turf and lawn accessories!

There are many options available from the app’s “Home” screen.

If you’re new to purchasing turf and lawn goods, start with the “Choose My Lawn” section of our app.

This section will ask you a series of questions before providing you a recommended product for your lawn area.

Naturally, if you already know what kind of turf and lawn items you want, you can head straight to the app’s online store by tapping the “Shop” button on the home screen.

From there, you’ll have access to Anco Turf’s whole product line.

Key Feature of Using Anco Turf App

The Anco Turf app is jam packed with great features for general customers and Trade Customers alike.

For General Customers…

Choose My Lawn: A brilliant feature that asks you a series of questions about the area in which you will be placing your new lawn to help us recommend a specific lawn product for you

Manage My Lawn: A series of helpful articles that assist Anco Turf customers with everything related to caring from their lawn, from installation right through to weed and pest identification.

Orders: Easily view and manage all your orders in one spot.

Tracking: Track the status and location of your orders that are out for delivery

Turf Caluclator: Work out how much turf you need for your new lawn.

Shop: Access the full Anco Turf online store for the best possible online shopping experience.

For Trade Clients, you get all of the above PLUS:

Quote: Build custom quotes for your clients, including the ability to add your own margin to Anco Turf products. Once accepted, the quotes are easily converted into orders.

Quick Order: Do you make a regular type of order with Anco Turf? Use this feature to quickly check-out.

Portfolio: Take photos of your completed jobs and build your very own portfolio of work to show new and prospective clients to help seal the deal!

Keep Yourself Updated with Latest News about lawn Care

Our vision for the Anco Turf app is to deliver a complete experience for lawn lovers.

We don’t want to just help you buy products from our extensive range on our online store.

We want to help you get the best out of it as well.

At Anco Turf, we regularly update our website with the latest news about Lawn Care and with the Anco Turf app, you will receive these updates directly to your phone.

Through the “Manage My Lawn” feature of the app, you will have access to a complete library of lawn care tips and tricks that will help you keep your new lawn looking as lush and green as they day you laid it!

You can also use the app to contact Anco Turf directly, meaning on the off chance there is a question that you can’t get answered on the app itself, you’re only a phone call from our expert and friendly team who will be able to help you out.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download the Anco Turf app today on the App Store if you have an iPhone, or get it from Google Play if you use an Android device.

Download the app now

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