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Autumn and Winter Quick Fix Tips for Lawns

Autumn and Winter Quick Fix Tips for Lawns

  • 19 - 05 - 2020
  • Lawn Care
By Anco Turf

Now is the time to prepare your lawn for the onslaught of winter. Consider carrying out the following simple tasks in order to help your lawn survive the cold and to thrive next spring.

Anco Turf
  • Fertilise now. The use of a complete Lawn Fertiliser with a balanced NPK is ideal at this time of year. Don’t use high Nitrogen content fertilisers leading into winter unless your lawn looks like it is starving and needs “greening up”.
  • Raise the mowing height. As the sun is now getting lower in the sky and not directly overhead a higher percentage of lawns are now in full or part shade. Raising the mowing height increase the leaf area and helps your grass to survive shady conditions.
  • Sharpen or replace mower blades. Blunt blades shatter rather than cut the leaf. The disease enters through damaged leaf blades. Autumn and Winter are the disease months for turf.

  • Mossy areas start to show up in cooler months. This is usually a sign of poor drainage and compacted soils. Aerate these areas with a large garden fork to break up the hard surface and allow water to penetrate through the soil profile.
  • “Spread the wear”. Lawns deteriorate faster in winter when subjected to wear. Periodically block consistently used patches and tracks made by people and pets by placing an obstacle such as a pot plant or wire hoop in the path to divert traffic.

With a little TLC your lawn will look good through the winter and tolerate whatever Melbourne’s winter throws at it. For further seasonal lawn tips go to www.ancoturf.com.au

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