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Yellow lawn

Yellow lawn

  • 18 - 07 - 2017
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By Anco Turf

At this time of year you can hear the Beetles singing; We all live in a Yellow Lawn, a Yellow lawn, a Yellow lawn. Not the Beatles of the Liverpool fame but the Beetles that are living in their insect Paradise that you know as lawn.

Anco Turf

The roots and leaves of your once lush lawn are being munched upon by a variety of insects such as Black beetle larvae, Armyworms, Stem Weevil, and Webworms to name a few. In essence, they are all Lawn Grubs and they think your lawn is the best restaurant in Town.

To effectively eradicate these pesky critters, it is important to know when they are likely to come knocking, and what are the signs to look out for. Look out for wilting patches of turf, holes with small soil piles next to them, lawn that pulls away easily and dead patches that appear suddenly. Sometimes laying a wet hessian sack or old towel over the affected area overnight will bring the grubs to the surface during the night, making them easy to identify.

Each pest has a slightly different reproduction phase and will invade your lawn at various times throughout the year. Black Beetle should be targeted from October in most areas and again in January to break their life cycle.


There are several remedies and their effectiveness relies on the timing of application. Granular formulations are easy to apply as are the spray on products but make sure you have the right product for the pest you are targeting. Contact the Anco Turf helpline if you are unsure of what to do on free call 1800 010 110 and help those pests “sail on to the Sun” and return your “Sea of Green”.

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