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Ecogrow EN’s are the best natural control for Lawn Grubs such as Cockchafer. The product was developed by the CSIRO.

1 Pack covers 100 m2.

Apply from October – February for VIC, NSW, SA, WA, ACT & TAS

Apply from July – May for QLD, NT

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How it works.  The product comes packaged in a dehydrated and dormant state. Once activated by adding water the Entomopathogenic (Insect Killing) Nematodes – EN’s find their host insect larvae in the soil and then infest them. Inside the insect they release their symbiotic bacteria. It kills the host and breaks down its tissue into food. The EN’s reproduce every 10-14 days. Ecogrow EN’s will continue to reinfest as long as their food source of Scarab larvae (Cockchafers) exists. An application of Ecogrow if applied correctly will control 90% or more of larvae. This allows the turf to recover and develop a new root system without being attacked by Cockchafer grubs. Bird damage to the lawn that occurs from our feathered friends seeking larvae in the lawn soil bed, is also lessened. The nematodes are a naturally occurring organism and pose no threat to humans, pets, birds and aquatic life. Their numbers will reduce to a normal level when their food source is depleted. EN’s are very host specific.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 55 cm

Advantages of Ecogrow.

  • Non toxic
  • Harmless to humans, pets, aquatic life and birds.
  • Safe to apply
  • Harmless to earthworms
  • No safety equipment needed for application.

How to apply

  • Watering Can, Spray applicator, knapsack, venturi system.
  • Post application irrigation is necessary
  • Apply at dusk as EN’s are UV sensitive
  • Apply October-February – VIC, NSW, SA, WA, ACT, TAS
  • Apply July-May – QLD, NT
  • Use when soil temperatures reach 16 degrees. This normally occurs in the Southern States around mid October.
  • Ecogrow should be used within 2 days of receiving.
  • If application in this timeframe is not convenient the product should be stored in a refrigerator.


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