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RTF Tall Fescue

RTF Tall Fescue

RTF Tall Fescue RTF Tall Fescue

RTF Tall Fescue

Extremely dark green colour all year round, RTF-Tall Fescue is ideal for front lawns and shaded areas. Anco’s Tall Fescue cuts well with all mower types. To read about all the detailed specifications you can go here.

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Product Maintenance Water Guide

Benefits of RTF Tall Fescue

  • Shade Tolerant Turf

    Shade Tolerant Turf

  • Lush Green Lawn

    Lush Green Lawn

  • All Year Round

    All Year Round

  • Showpiece Lawn

    Showpiece Lawn

  • Lawnmower Friendly

    Lawnmower Friendly

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Grub Free Guarantee

RTF Tall Fescue is treated with Acelypryn to ensure season long protection against lawn grubs.
This product is the latest innovation in the control of grubs in your lawn. Traditionally, to treat for grubs in your lawn you would have to spray several potentially toxic chemicals on the leaf of the plant.
Acelepryn® however is a non toxic insect killer, which, when sprayed onto the leaves is absorbed and moves upwards within the plant, where it is then digested by the grub, disrupts its feeding patterns, and eventually causes it to starve. Acelepryn® is NOT a poison and is safe for your whole family & your pets.
We believe so much in Acelepryn® we will guarantee that if you find turf damage caused by grubs within three months of delivery of your turf we will re-spray with Acelepryn®.

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RTF Tall Fescue FAQs

RTF establishes rapidly when laid as an Instant Turf. RTF is a cool season grass type so it will establish in cold weather and thrives in Autumn and Spring. It can be established in the hotter months although more watering is required if laid in the summer until it has developed a good root system.

RTF is a bunch type grass and does not have stolons (surface runners). Its Rhizome (underground creeper) activity is minimal however in time it will creep into small holes of up to 30mm over the course of a year. It is not invasive when used next to a garden edge or path.

RTF will not reseed itself if mown regularly at lawn heights. Seed of RTF is available for lawn patch ups or for increasing density of the RTF Turf lawn where foot or pet traffic has caused wear.

RTF Tall Fescue will not require watering in the winter months once established. Water as required in Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Regular mowing at 40mm or higher will provide a dense lawn that is deep green in colour all year-round.

Avoid overwatering your RTF once the turf has established. Too much water will create a shallow root system and the lawn will suffer in warm and dry conditions. A constantly over wet soil profile creates disease of the root system as does constant wet leaf conditions.

Fertilise your RTF lawn at the start of each season with a high Nitrogen lawn food such as Lawn Solutions Premium Lawn Food 4kg.

RTF Tall Fescue can be laid as turf at any time of the year. It establishes rapidly in Spring, Summer and Autumn and can be laid in the cooler months of winter.

RTF Tall Fescue lawn looks and performs at its best when mown at 40mm or above. Ensure your mower blades are sharp to achieve a clean cut of the soft RTF leaf.

RTF Tall Fescue is an ideal lawn turf in Melbourne and the southern part of Victoria as it stays dark green all year round. It provides a perfect greenspace in both sunny and shaded areas when subjected to minimal traffic.

Your RTF Tall Fescue turf from Anco will arrive in perfect condition for laying and will develop a good root system rapidly provided adequate moisture is maintained during the establishment period. It maintains its density and does not develop a thatch mat layer as rapidly as other lawn species such as Kikuyu and Couch.