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Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange Zoysia Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange is a stunning, premium quality and drought tolerant lawn that requires less mowing than other varieties. It is suitable for sunny and partly shaded areas (dappled light).


(Please note we always recommend installing Sir Grange Zoysia on 100 -200 mm of sand.  Avoid using soil or compost mixtures).


Product Maintenance Water Guide



Sir Grange is one of the world’s best-looking grasses and it adapts to most climates. When fully established it will use very little fertiliser and water, require a lot less mowing than most varieties, and its appearance will be the envy of your neighbours. Most owners fall in love with Sir Grange once they have it fully established and would not have anything else.

Guidelines to get the best from Sir Grange.

Sir Grange can take some time to establish, however once this is achieved the result is very rewarding. One needs to be mindful that Sir Grange is a very slow-growing lawn, therefore it can be very slow to fully establish. It takes about 18 weeks of warm growing weather to fully establish; in warmer climates this can be achieved in the first season, while in colder climates this may not happen until the second season.

Sir Grange is ideal for you if:

  • You want an extremely high-class, superb looking lawn.
  • You are prepared to allow it time to establish properly.
  • You don’t require a high-wear lawn area during the establishment period.
  • You don’t have heavy shade during the establishment period.
  • You don’t have heavy or clay soil



ABOVE Sir Grange root system in heavy soil after 14 days.

ABOVE Sir Grange root system in sand after 14 days.

Before your Sir Grange arrives:

  • Trim all your gardens and trees right back, so they are not overhanging the lawn area during the establishment period.
  • Install a good sand or sandy base of at least 100mm – the more the better the lawn will perform.
  • Make sure your sprinkler can cover the lawn evenly, regardless of whether it’s a manual shift or automatic sprinkler system. It is recommended that an automatic irrigation system is installed.
  • Be sure that no areas hold water and they are all drained well.
  • Always use a starter fertiliser such as Lawn Launcher, to encourage strong and fast root establishment.

Note: Installing Sir Grange between May and September in colder climates is not recommended

During the first three months following installation:

  • It’s all about getting a deep root system established as soon as possible; it’s critical to water down to 150mm during this period. It’s a good idea to take a core sample once every few weeks to ensure this depth of penetration of water.
  • Perform spot checks after three weeks to determine if the turf can be lifted. If it can in certain areas and not others, chances are its roots are shallower in those areas; these spots will need to catch up with the assistance of additional deep watering during establishment.
  • If some areas receive more wear or shade during this period, try to reduce the cause until full establishment is achieved.
  • You need to water a newly established Sir Grange lawn at least 45 minutes to 1 hour each day for the first 2 weeks after installation during the warmer months.



After the establishment period:

  • The hard work should be behind you and you should own a beautiful lawn.
  • You only need to water your established Sir Grange lawn if it looks dry or conditions are extreme. If it does appear dry, water deeply for 20-30 mins every second day until leave appears healthy.
  • An application of fertiliser is recommended at the start of spring and during January/February. Fertilise with Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser at half the recommended label rates.
  • For seasonal weed control and to provide valuable nutrients to your Sir Grange lawn, you can use OxaFert during spring and autumn.
  • Mow as needed between 18mm and 40mm. If desired, Sir Grange can be left unmown.
  • Make sure when you mow you never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf.

Benefits of Sir Grange Zoysia

  • Drought Tolerant

    Drought Tolerant

  • Sun


  • Shade Tolerant Turf

    Shade Tolerant Turf

  • Fineleaf


  • Self repairing

    Self repairing

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Less Maintenance Means More Time Enjoying Your Garden!

Sir Grange Zoysia turf requires less maintenance than other turf varieties, meaning more time to enjoy your lawn! Sir Grange doesn’t require the same level of regular mowing as other types of grass varieties. Sir Grange can also be mown at a range of various height lengths to suits your garden and personal preference. Sir Grange also requires less nutrients than other types of turf varieties meaning less maintenance time in the garden.

Some of the key features of Sir Grange Zoysia grass include;

– Ability to be mowed at a variety of height lengths to suit your garden and preference

– Up to 50% less mowing than other common turf varieties

– Requires 75% less nitrogen compared to other common turf varieties

– In many instances Sir Grange will require little to no fertiliser at all. 

Less Maintenance Means More Time Enjoying Your Garden!

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Sir Grange Zoysia FAQs

Sir Grange Zoysia turf is a premium fineleaf variety with a dark green colour. This type of grass is commonly installed in Courtyards, front lawns parks and golf fairways.

The variety is a warm season grass that grows well during Spring and Summer. The turf is an evergreen perennial and will continue to grow all year around, albeit slower during winter.

Sir Grange does enjoy sunlight and can handle being in limited shade. It’s best to install this variety from November until early March when its warm.

The turf does take a long time to develop a strong root system and needs to be cordoned off with no foot traffic for 12-16 weeks post installation. The time to establish is determined by the month it is laid.

Sir Grange Zoysia is a premium turf variety that is more expensive than other varieties. This is because the turf takes twice as long to produce due to its slow growing nature. This is offset by the long-term maintenance cost of the turf being low. Sir Grange requires very little fertiliser to stay green and minimal mowing.

No, instead it is easy to maintain if the grass has been installed correctly. While Sir Grange has a higher upfront cost, the cost over its life is low because it can be mown at any height above 10mm and does not require as much watering and fertiliser as other varieties. Sir Grange requires very little mowinhg as it is a very slow grower.

The variety is a fairly drought tolerant turf. During the establishment phase following installation, the turf requires lots of water so that the root system develops completely. During its life, watering is recommended to be applied on an as needed basis. Regular watering during the warmer, dry months will keep the grass lush green.

If maintained well, the grass will not die. If damaged during winter, it may take a long time to repair. The grass does enjoy sunlight, so it is ideal to install this type of turf during Spring and summer for the best results. Sir Grange does loose colour in winter due to dormancy in the cooler months.

Some of the advantages of Sir Grange include it can be mown at any height, enjoys the sun, low maintenance, and some resistantance to foot traffic once established. It handles dappled light from trees. Some of the disadvantages include, slow repair to pet’s urine burn and a long establishment period.

We recommend existing turf be removed completely and a minimum of 100-200 mm of sand be applied to the base before laying fresh Sir Grange Zoysia turf. Remember to apply starter fertiliser and water crystals prior to installing.

Both are great varieties and your decision will depend on your requirements. Sir Grange tolerates moderate traffic, whereas Sir Walter Buffalo will tolerate regular high traffic. Sir Grange will take time to repair from pet urine, whereas Sir Walter Buffalo will spring back to life quicker. DNA Certified Sir Walter is also slightly more shade tolerant.

You can purchase this variety at all Lawn Solutions Australia natural turf suppliers including Anco Turf. As an accredited turf grower and supplier with Lawn Solutions Australia, we breed turf to the highest standards so that your new grass lasts a long time.

Both are favourites and it depends on the application. Most people install TifTuf Bermuda because it is more cost efficient, has the best drought tolerance of any turf variety and recovers well from wear. Sir Grange enjoys being in direct sun and has a very low maintenance requirement.

Both varieties are great. Eureka Kikuyu is a drought tolerant variety that grows fast and repairs fast if damaged. While Eureka Kikuyu does cost less than Sir Grange, the variety only has medium drought tolerance and does require more maintenance than Sir Grange. Eureka Kikuyu self repairs rapidly from wear in the warmer months.

Sir Grange is the Australian marketing name for BRF Zeon Zoysia. BRF Zeon Zoysia was developed in Texas, USA by Blade Runner Farms (BRF) and is being distributed in Australia as Sir Grange Zoysia. At Anco Turf, we grow and stock the accredited Sir Grange Zoysia.