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How To Manage Your Order History With The Anco Turf App

How To Manage Your Order History With The Anco Turf App

  • 01 - 06 - 2021
  • Anco Turf App
By Anco Turf

Ordering turf has never been easier thanks to the brand new Anco Turf App!


Anco is revolutionising the turf game for our already satisfied customers by making the whole process of ordering and managing turf delivery.

manage your order history


Whether you are a trade customer with high-volume turf needs or a Do-It-Yourself champion looking to manage an order for the backyard, the Anco Turf App makes the whole process super easy.

When you open up the app for the first time, you are greeted with a welcome message that shows you the key features of the app and finally a welcome screen that gives you plenty of options to guide you through to the most relevant part of the app for you!

If you need to manage your orders, you should hit the “Returning Customer” option to be taken to your account.

Use the same account details you use on the Anco website to log into you account and, voila!

All your orders – whether they are in process, out for delivery or completed – are here for you to review and manage.

From here you can do anything related to managing your orders, including:

  • Review the status of an order
  • See the orders tracking status if it’s out for delivery
  • View invoices and receipts at tax time
  • Create a new order

You can also view your profile, which gives you an overarching view of your orders.

For trade customers you can also track any quotes you have provided to your own customers and view their details that you have saved in the app as well!

For every order, you will be able to view the full details of your order, including the turf or lawn products or accessories that you ordered, its current status and when your order was placed.

These features are particularly handy for Anco’s trade customers who place large volumes of orders for turf over the course of the year.

This new functionality lets you easily check the status of your order and keep track of where it is at, helping you effectively manage deliveries, invoices and so much more.

With your Anco Account and app, you’ll be able to complete a wide range of tasks related to your Anco orders and managing them is just the start!

You can also:

  • Access our online store
  • Complete new orders
  • Access our handy online resources, such as our Turf Calculator
  • Find the perfect lawn for your project using the “Choosing My Lawn” section of the app
  • Get handy tips and tricks on how to manage and maintain your lawn via the “Manage My Lawn” section of the app


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