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Showcase Your Lawn Portfolio to Clients With The Anco Turf App

Showcase Your Lawn Portfolio to Clients With The Anco Turf App

  • 21 - 05 - 2021
  • Anco Turf App
By Anco Turf

Trade customers of Anco Turf are in for a treat thanks to the brand new Anco Turf App.


We know first-hand how busy life can be for our trade customers.

showcase your lawn portfolio


From managing their various different projects, to tracking orders (which when it comes to lawn and turf is now easier thanks to our new app) and family and social life as well, we know that our trade clients struggle for time when it comes to managing a website or portfolio of work.

Well, thanks to the Anco Turf App, you can now showcase your amazing lawn portfolio to your clients all from the palm of your hand.

To do this, all you need to do is create a Trade Customer Account via the app, which you can download on iOS (eg: iPhone) devices via the App Store and on Android (eg: Samsung, Google) devices via Google Play.

To create a Trade Customer Account, simple tick the “Are You A Landscaper” box on the sign-up page and fill in the required details.

Your application will be reviewed quickly and efficiently by our back-end team and you will have access to your very own business portal!

Aside from making your life super easy with respect to ordering turf and associated products from our online store and managing those orders to perfection, you’ll also gain access to a portal that lets you:

  • quote the turf requirements for your jobs directly through the app for your customer to approve and
  • compile a portfolio of photos from your finished jobs!

You can then use these photos whilst out on site and dealing with a potential new customer to win new work and instantly demonstrate your brilliance when it comes to landscaping and turf installation.

So, why are Anco Turf doing this?

We are doing this because we care about all our customers, but particularly our Trade Customers.

We want to make your life as easy as possible.

We want to help you make sure you can easily compile and showcase your work to potential customers so you can spend more time working and winning jobs and less time worrying about updating your website.

Simply take photos on your phone at the end of a job and upload them to your portal and you have your very own lawn portfolio living right on your phone!

If you are an existing Trade Customer with Anco, your portal is already set up and you simply need to download the app.

If you are new to Anco, then you can get yourself set up by simply:

     Step 1: Downloading the app off the App Store or Google Play

     Step 2: Creating an account directly through the app

     Step 3: Tick the “Are you a landscaper?” box

     Step 4: Fill out your business details

     Step 5: Wait for our team to approve you

     Step 6: Start snapping and building your portfolio!

Got questions about getting started?

Contact us today!

Download the app now

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