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How to Keep Lawn Grass Healthy – 6 Top Tips

How to Keep Lawn Grass Healthy – 6 Top Tips

  • 08 - 06 - 2021
  • Lawn Care
By Anco Turf

Fortunately, you have an outdoor lawn in Melbourne. Now you need some smart tips on keeping your grass healthy in Melbourne so that you can optimize your outdoor enjoyment.  Not only does healthy grass look appealing, it also rewards you with soft-to-the-touch outside entertainment and a breathable oasis for unwinding each day.

Whether you have recently laid instant turf in Melbourne, or have an established lawn, the following advice will resonate with anyone wanting to keep their Melbourne lawn in the best condition possible.

6 Tips To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

lawn care tips

1. Water effectively rather than frequently

It is a common misconception that a quick hose or light sprinkle daily is ideal for a new or established lawn. Even in extreme heat, this is not the most effective way to water your lawn. Deep soakings have a much better outcome as the water will penetrate further than the grass blades to reach the roots. By adequately supplying the roots with water once per week or fortnightly in the cooler months, you will notice a healthier lawn. For newly laid turf, a combination of deep soakings and additional sprinklings is recommended.

2. Fertilize at the right time with the right product

Lawn requires more than water to stay healthy. Grass fertilizer is designed to provide nutrients for a thriving lawn and it is recommended to spread fertilizer every 3-4 months. At the very least, fertilize your lawn after mowing in early spring and autumn. You may be surprised to learn that different turf types require different ingredients in their fertilizer to reap all the benefits. Your instant turf specialist should be able to give you advice about the ideal grass fertilizer product for your Melbourne lawn. Find some excellent information about lawn fertilizers here.

3. Clear debris regularly and keep an eye out for weeds and thatching to ensure early intervention

It is great practice to conduct a monthly inspection of your lawn. During this inspection, rake away any excess leaves, debris, branches and reposition fixed furniture items to give covered areas a chance to breathe. If you notice any weeds, remove them from the root immediately. If thatch has built up, meaning a matted area of organic debris causing discolouration or small dry patches, you should remove these too. A power rake is good for this. DNA certified turf types like Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn and Eureka Kikuyu Grass are unlikely to grow weeds, but it is important to look out for any flaws on your lawn to avoid larger scale issues.

5. Mow in alternating directions each round without scalping the blades

There is indeed an art to mowing your lawn to promote a healthy and long-lasting grassed area. Firstly, check that your mower blades are sharp for a clean cut. Blunt blades can break the blades vertically and give an uneven, rough outcome. Secondly, never scalp the lawn unless you have been instructed to do so by your turf specialist. Similar to a hair trim, mowing is done to promote healthy ends and neat regrowth. Mowing about one-third off the top of the grass is recommended during your regular sessions. A final mowing tip is to mow at a 45 or 90 degree angle difference each time. Doing so encourages strong, healthy roots and straight regrowth.

5. Create a lawn maintenance schedule

It is a common mistake to assume that once instant turf has established (3-6 months after being laid) that it will simply thrive with no maintenance. Rainfall in Melbourne is indeed sporadic and unpredictable and should not be relied upon as the only source of water your lawn receives. The best thing you can do for your lawn is to mark dates in your online or physical calendar so you keep on top of minor maintenance. This may involve other family members who can contribute to your lawn care plan. At the least; include deep watering (fortnightly is recommended), fertilizer as mentioned above, lawn inspections, and debris clearing.

6. Free professional lawn care tips are readily available

There is plenty of support available to help keep your Melbourne turf healthy all year round. Perhaps you plan to go on vacation and need guidance to ensure a healthy lawn whilst you’re away? Have you noticed an odd-looking area on your lawn? Maybe your grass has gone dormant and you are worried about whether it is going to return to its former state? Is there one particular patch of grass that looks unwell due to overuse, disease or otherwise? All of these situations and more are common issues that Dr Turf at AncoTurf can help with. Before tackling a lawn problem, it is best to talk to expert lawn care specialists so that you attend to the issue correctly.

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