Sir Walter Buffalo Grass – Things You Need to Know

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass – Things You Need to Know

  • 18 - 05 - 2021
  • Lawn Care
By Anco Turf

Since Sir Walter Buffalo grass was introduced in Australia in 1997, hundreds of thousands of homes in Melbourne and state-wide have opted for this high performing, low maintenance turf type. If you are considering laying Sir Walter Buffalo grass you can find out all you need to know below.

sir walter buffalo grass

Why Choose Sir Walter Buffalo Grass?

1. Evergreen lawn in sun, shade, drought and other harsh climates

Wherever you live in Australia, and whatever the aspect you wish to lay Sir Walter Buffalo grass, you will be rewarded with a beautiful looking and soft to the touch lawn. This turf type has been a top choice in extremely hot parts of Australia due to its ability to withstand heat and drought. On the flip side, you can lay Sir Walter Buffalo grass in Melbourne or cooler parts of Australia with no concern for damage by excessive rain or low sunlight.

2. A superior, low maintenance turf

Sir Walter Turf is a surface creeper, meaning it won’t travel underground allowing for easy edging and design. With a dense, green coverage and self-repairing properties, Sir Walter grass is unlikely to attract weed infestation, fungus and insect attacks as other couches and kikuyu varieties may. With regular mowing and appropriate seasonal fertilizer, you can enjoy a beautiful looking and soft top touch lawn year round. Another benefit is the minimal irrigation required and the option to use recycled water to maintain the lush blades of your Sir Walter lawn in Melbourne.

3. Genuine high-quality turf for premium performance

Growers of DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo grass, like AncoTurf, can guarantee the authenticity of this turf type for your ongoing peace of mind. Laying premium Sir Walter grass in Melbourne will deliver a long lasting, easy to care for lawn. Whether you are laying turf on a nature strip, your backyard, a surrounding outdoor space or even for commercial purposes, this grass type will provide a superior soft blade, green, hard wearing surface for years of enjoyment.

What to do once you have decided to select Sir Walter Buffalo instant lawn?

1. Measure your areas to the best of your ability

2. With a vast number of people choosing to buy their turf online in Melbourne, including expert landscapers, DIY gardeners and retailers, the best starting point is to know how much turf you’re likely to need. Calculator tools such as can be helpful Knowing the size of your space will aid in achieving a quick cost estimate.

3. Select an AusGAP certified instant turf grower to be sure you are getting a quality product.

4. Arrange for delivery of your Sir Walter Buffalo instant lawn.

5. Use a professional to lay your lawn, or follow the company’s guidelines closely to set your grass up for optimal establishment

6. For more tops on laying Sir Walter Buffalo grass or other instant turf, watch this instructional video

How to get the most out of your new Sir Walter lawn

When you are undertaking any form of home or outdoor upgrade, you want to stretch your investment as far as possible. The same goes for laying new turf in Melbourne.

Sir Walter Buffalo grass will offer a visually pleasing, green haven for ongoing outdoor enjoyment at your home or outdoor area.

Maximize the your instant turf by;

  • Adhering to expert turf laying procedures
  • Allowing for deep root establishment in the first 2-4 months after laying turf
  • Not overusing the lawn during the establishment period
  • Adequately watering the lawn as instructed
  • Applying seasonal fertilizer as per supplier’s directions.

It is easy to create a green outdoor haven that you and your family can be proud of. Whether you are looking to add value to your home, make better use of a concrete or paved area, resurface dead grass or carry out a landscaping job for a client, Sir Walter Buffalo grass in an excellent instant turf type.

For more expert tips and advice on Sir Walter lawn, feel free to read more information on our news feed. Or get in touch with one of our turf specialists who have decades of knowledge and experience to share.

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