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The benefits of laying turf in hot weather

The benefits of laying turf in hot weather

  • 18 - 07 - 2017
  • Turf News
By Anco Turf

Warm-season grasses such as Sir Walter, Village Green Kikuyu and Santa Ana Couch develop rapidly in hot weather. The optimum temperature to develop a lawn from these varieties is anywhere between 27 and 38 degrees Celsius. They will still develop well at temperatures outside of this range but not as rapidly.

Anco Turf

Provided adequate moisture is delivered to the newly laid turf, there is no reason to be cautious about starting a new lawn in hot weather. There are other benefits to starting your lawn project in summer and early autumn. The benefits include:

  • Faster establishment
  • Speedy root development
  • Area ready for action faster
  • Sufficiently mature by the start of winter


Anco often lay special projects over summer. One such project is the recent re-grassing of the Flemington racecourse training track. The Kikuyu turf was laid in a week of hot weather (30+) and the root system established rapidly allowing the resumption of track work a lot sooner than would be the case if it had been laid in the cooler months.

So if you are considering laying a new lawn in the hot weather but were worried about the heat then don’t and give us a call about how to get started.

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