Winter turfing yes or no

Winter turfing yes or no

  • 18 - 07 - 2017
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By Anco Turf

Instant Turf will establish itself year round and each season has its positives and negatives in relation to what is needed for it to become a mature turf.

Anco Turf

Autumn and Spring provide the perfect environment for moisture retention and root development as soil and air temperatures are at their optimum for grasses during these seasons. Laying turf in Summer also has some positives as roots develop rapidly in the warm soil temperatures and the lawn area will mature in a very short period if adequate moisture is provided. The negative of laying turf in summer is that you will need to water it several times a day to ensure moisture is retained in the turf and root zone.

So that leaves us with Winter and the decision of turfing now or waiting until Spring.

The Victorian Winter provides a climate that requires less irrigation following the laying of turf and very little risk of dehydration during the development phase of the newly turfed area. Roots of all Anco grass types will develop during winter and if the area is not shaded and you can keep foot traffic off it until established, you should not fear laying turf in a Melbourne winter. Your turf will develop slowly without the risk of dehydrating and less time will be spent irrigating it through to full development. Less water is also required.

A winter turfed lawn also has a full Spring season to mature and a root system capable of handling a hot summer in its first year.

So the answer is clearly yes to the question of should you Turf in Winter.

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