Where to Buy Kikuyu Grass in Melbourne?

Where to Buy Kikuyu Grass in Melbourne?

  • 15 - 09 - 2017
  • Turf News
By Anco Turf

Spring is here, and what better way to welcome it, than to lay some gorgeously green instant turf! Whether you are choosing to lay Eureka Kikuyu turf for its tolerance to heavy foot-traffic, and self-repairing qualities or simply because it is a cheap, reliable option for your outdoor space, it is always best to buy your Kikuyu grass from a reputable supplier in Victoria.

Anco Turf

The AusGAP genetically assured variety of Eureka-Kikuyu turf is the one to buy in Melbourne, Victoria, as you will be guaranteed the best performance and longevity. Leading instant turf supplier, Anco Turf offers premium quality instant turf in the Eureka-Kikuyu variety as well as other suitable grass types for the Victorian climate.

Buying your Kikuyu grass from Anco Turf brings with it more benefits than just a high-quality product.

Unlike some garden or home improvement centres throughout Melbourne and online, Anco Turf is committed to customer satisfaction well after the purchase is made. In fact, Anco Turf provide a useful ‘Dr.Turf’ platform to answer any maintenance questions or concerns about your Kikuyu grass or otherwise; weeks, months and years down the track. In addition, their lawn care products and ancillary services are excellent.

Having been in the instant lawn business for more than 40 years means that Anco Turf are experienced at providing the right advice for your upcoming project. Their expertise in recommending, selling, dispatching and laying instant turf ranges from minor outdoor improvements and nature strips throughout Melbourne and greater Victoria through to large-scale parklands and government projects. Eureka-Kikuyu grass is a top-selling grass which appeals to many property owners and councils.

The best thing about buying your Eureka-Kikuyu turf from the lawn masters at Anco Turf in Melbourne, is the friendly and professional staff who will arrange your order for you. Online, over the phone or in store, buying Eureka grass from Anco Turf will be a hassle-free and efficient experience.

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