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How to Lay Sir Walter Buffalo Turf?

How to Lay Sir Walter Buffalo Turf?

  • 20 - 09 - 2017
  • Laying Turf Turf News
By Anco Turf

In Victoria, Sir Walter Buffalo grass is a favourite for those wanting a soft, beautiful-looking lawn.  As any landscaper or instant turf supplier will tell you, the secrets to a successful lawn are buying quality turf and laying your lawn properly.

Anco Turf

To achieve an optimal and long-lasting Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn, follow these simple guidelines;

   • Whether you are laying turf on fresh soil, or replacing old grass, you need to level the soil. Even distribution of soil will ensure even growing grass.

   • For the best-looking lawn, it is recommended to compact the soil prior to laying turf – a heavy roller will do the trick. If your soil is compact and even, you eliminate the risk of air pockets in the soil, which will create dry sections of grass over time.

   • If you choose to use wetting agents, it is ideal to apply them once soil is level and compact.

   • Turf is a live plant, which should be laid as quickly as possible.

   • Do not overlap the turf rolls or leave gaps in between the panels. Ideally, turf should be snug and even.

   • To encourage the excellent establishment, begin watering your Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass immediately after

   • Avoid walking over freshly laid, wet turf. You do not want to soften certain areas or create uneven dips in your new lawn.

   • Sir Walter Buffalo grass likes to establish deep roots; this takes 2-4 weeks in most cases. It is important to keep your new turf as moist as possible and stay off it during the establishment phase.

Laying Sir Walter Buffalo turf can be done without much experience. Anco Turf can provide you with the best quality instant turf and all the advice and assistance you need.

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