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How to Repair Damaged Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf

How to Repair Damaged Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf

  • 19 - 01 - 2022
  • Lawn Care
By Anco Turf

Celebrated for its hardiness, lush green colour and shade tolerance, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf is Australia’s favourite lawn grass. With a beautiful lawn also comes the responsibility to keep it that way. For various reasons, even the best-quality Sir Walter Buffalo lawn can experience damage.

Here you will learn about why damage has occurred and how to proceed with bringing your lawn back to its optimal state.

Wear and Tear Damage

Heavy foot traffic in the lawn can wear down the turf, with the overuse causing the soil to compact. The wear and tear usually occurs in the frequently used sections of the grass rather than the entire lawn.

Repair Tip: Firstly, stay off the damaged areas of your lawn for a few weeks to give them rest as much as possible. Aerate the specific areas where soil has compacted. You can do this using lawn Aerator sandals to help oxygen, water, and nutrients penetrate the soil or by using a garden fork. Finally, top-dress the affected sections to level out the soil.

sir walter repair

Extreme Weather Damage

Laying DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo turf gives your lawn the best chance to withstand the harsh Australian weather, but even the most resistant lawns can suffer during extreme weather periods.

Severe Winter Damage

Your lawn can experience a beating with too much moisture, shade and cold air without enough sunlight, resulting in water pooling as well as grubs, moss and weed infiltration.

Repair Tip: If water has nowhere to go, it will pool. After heavy rainfall, the best thing to do is allow water to naturally drain and stay off the grass. Aerating the lawn will help water and air absorb into the soil quicker and more evenly. Anco Turf in Melbourne is a great point of contact to discuss any ongoing concerns.

Extreme Summer Damage

In some parts of Melbourne and around Australia, heat waves can impact even the toughest lawns. Lack of moisture and damage will likely manifest in colour loss, brittle blades and slow growth.

Repair Tip: Combating extreme heat waves requires good watering lawn care practices. Deep watering early in the morning has proven to have the best success rather than light sprinklings during the day. If water meets the peak sunlight, the grass blades are more likely to burn. Aim to give your lawn a long, heavy watering 3 times per week before 8 am when extreme heat periods are forecast. Using a wetting agent during the hotter months is ideal for encouraging your lawn and soil to evenly absorb as much moisture as possible.

Unwanted Weed Damage

Fortunately, a Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn is resistant to weed infestation. However, some variants of summer or winter weeds can sneak their way into your beloved buffalo turf. For those who have a lawn care maintenance schedule, you are likely to notice weeds early on and fixing the problem may simply be a matter of removing the weeds manually.

Repair Tip: Weeds are a nuisance, but thankfully there are plenty of products that will effectively and swiftly take care of them. Herbicides come in both a granule form and a liquid solution that can be diluted and applied to problem areas. Each product will come with instructions and easy-to-follow steps to rid your lawn of weeds in Melbourne. Herbicide products do not cause any harm to pets if used according to the label instructions and stored correctly. Only specific products suit Sir Walter turf so be sure to check the product specifications before purchasing. Regular mowing, fertilising and watering of the lawn is the best method of keeping weeds at bay.

Grubs or insect problems

Pests are unlikely to damage a well-maintained DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo lawn, but there is always a chance of pest damage in your lawn.  Correct identification of the pest and a swift application of the appropriate control should be undertaken as soon as possible to mitigate any damage to the lawn.

grub insect turf

Repair Tip: If you do notice brown patches on your lawn, you can carry out a quick grub check by applying some soapy water around the perimeter of the trouble spot. Usually, insects will surface within 10 minutes. Digging up a small section to a depth of 100mm is the best way to find grubs such as Cockchafer or Curl grubs. An easy fix is to buy a quality pesticide product from an instant turf supplier in Melbourne.

A good lawn care routine is one of the best things you can do to avoid damage to your Sir Walter DNA-certified Buffalo lawn. Now there is the perfect app to keep you on top of your lawn care. Have more questions? Get in touch with our team today.

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