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6 Lawn Tips for SPRING

6 Lawn Tips for SPRING

  • 27 - 08 - 2018
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By Anco Turf

Spring is almost upon us and now is the perfect time to rejuvenate your lawn. Here are 6 tips to get things started.


Anco Turf

Tip #1: Check your mower blades to make sure they are sharp. If they are worn you should replace them as worn blades slash the leaf and create an entry point for disease. Blunt blades also leave the lawn looking ragged and not clean cut.



Tip #2: Conduct a PH Test on your soil. The ideal PH for growing lawns is 6.5 but if your lawn is between 6-7 then no remedial action is necessary. A PH reading of 4.0 – 5.5 is considered acidic and we would recommend an application of Lime to balance the soil back up. If you have a PH above 7.5 the use of Sulphate type fertilisers will help or if you have an extremely high PH soil then a Sulphur treatment is recommended. Refer to Anco’s “Dr Turf” for the amount of product required to remediate incorrect PH levels.

Tip #3: Check your lawn for moss. If you find some it usually indicates poor drainage and or compaction. Aerate the lawn with a garden fork to alleviate compaction, improve drainage and to get air into the root zone. If you have a continuously wet or damp area consider installing some drainage.


Tip #4: If Broadleaf weeds are present apply a selective Broadleaf Herbicide such as BIN-DIE. Use the label rate and do not apply if rain is expected within eight hours. Do not mow for 3 days prior to or after applying herbicides.


Tip #5: Spring is the ideal time to repair bare areas with new turf or seed if you have a Tall Fescue or Ryegrass lawn. Small bare or thin patches of Sir Walter can be dug over and patched with Anco Turf Tablet” Instant Turf Patch your Kikuyu and Couch thin areas with new Turf that can be purchased in small rolls. Scratch over bald spots in Tall Fescue with a Nail rake and plant seed. The use of Lawn Starter fertilizer will help new turf and seed to develop roots quickly and left over Anco Lawn Starter can be used on Citrus trees, Azaleas and Roses.

Tip #6: Remember to keep the new turf pieces and seeded areas damp at all times until the roots are down.

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