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How to take care of Instant Turf in Melbourne

How to take care of Instant Turf in Melbourne

  • 18 - 07 - 2017
  • Lawn Care Turf News
By Anco Turf

Instant lawn is a really great and convenient way for us to get our yards looking show ready in almost no time. As the name suggests, instant lawn is basically ready made turf that can be quickly and easily laid down, allowing for a great looking garden without the need to wait months, or for the ideal weather conditions. Despite the exceptionally seamless install of instant lawn, there are still a few steps of maintenance that must be undertaken to ensure that it remains looking healthy and at its best. Right from before the initial turf delivery to any point along the instant lawn’s lifespan, we have a few tips to help guide you in taking the best possible care of your instant turf.


Anco Turf

Before turf is delivered, it is important to remove any building waste, rocks, old lawn, and weeds. If you leave any weeds in the ground, they will find a way through the joins of your new instant lawn. This affects the consistency of your lawn, as its roots may not be able to penetrate through the weeds and find the soil that it needs to grow. It is also important to then level the surface for an even install. This will also eliminate drainage problems by making the soil drain away from the house.

Once the lawn is delivered, it is important to lay it as soon as possible. Within a few hours is ideal. The next important tip is to soak the turf, as it needs water immediately. For the first three to four weeks after install, watering is crucial. The roots must be kept regularly watered during this period in order to ensure that they take root.

Finally, an often overlooked part of the whole process is the post-lay care. Don’t forget to regularly water your turf–the frequency dependent on the amount of sun and shade crossing over the instant lawn.

If you are looking for instant turf, or any advice in regards to your current lawn setup, it is a good idea to contact an experienced team of instant lawn specialists. In Melbourne, Anco Instant Turf are the specialists that people turn to time and time again. Call now at 1800 010 110.

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