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Anco Golden Rules and Tips

Anco Golden Rules and Tips

  • 18 - 07 - 2017
  • Lawn Care Turf News
By Anco Turf

Effective weed control when using herbicides.

Anco Turf

Select the correct herbicide by reading the label. Ensure the weed you are targeting is listed and the herbicide is suitable for using on your lawn type. Always read the label instructions prior to use.
Do not mow for 4 days prior to or after spraying. Extend this time in the cooler months.
Do not apply if rain is imminent. Most herbicides need to dry on the leaf and not be subjected to rain or irrigation for at least eight hours. Spray when conditions will be dry for a full day during daylight hours. Some herbicides do require watering into the soil. The label will have these instructions if required.

Consider the use of a small amount of wetting agent or wetter mixed in with the herbicide. This spreads the herbicide across the leaf allowing greater uptake. Some weeds have a waxy coating and small spray droplets may run off. The use of a wetter aids in reducing the problem. Oxalis is a typical case in point and may need two applications to kill. If a second application is necessary apply the second dose about two weeks after the first.
Use the label rate. Adding extra herbicide to the mix will not increase the kill. It may do the opposite as it can cause rapid leaf burn and the plant does not take up the herbicide.
Avoid spraying on windy days as spray drift could harm neighboring plants and grasses.
Wear gloves, eyewear and a mask if necessary. The product label will advise of the appropriate precautionary clothing if required.
Eradication of weeds prior to their seeding will ensure the likelihood of a second bloom of the weed is reduced.
Always store herbicides in a safe place out of the reach of children and in a well-ventilated area.

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