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7 Myths vs. Reality: How to Get Your Lawn in Top Shape This Year

7 Myths vs. Reality: How to Get Your Lawn in Top Shape This Year

  • 30 - 04 - 2018
  • Lawn Care Turf News
By Anco Turf

Busting the most common Lawn Care Myths in Australia

Sometimes we do things without knowing exactly why. When it comes to achieving the optimum lawn, it is worth hearing from the experts who dispel common misconceptions about how best to take care of your lawn.

Anco Turf


Myth #1: It doesn’t make a difference what time you water your lawn, as long as you do it 

Reality: To make each valuable drop of water count, it is best to water your lawn in the early mornings or after sunset in the evenings, as this minimises evaporation. Watering early in the morning or after sunset will allow for deeper soil penetration and a superior looking lawn.

Myth #2: Its a good idea to cut the grass very short 

Reality: According to many landscape professionals, it is best to cut just one-third off your grass leaf at a time. Mowing at a finished cut height of 3.5-4.5cm for Sir Walter Buffalo lawns throughout the summer is recommended. At this recommended height, your lawn will require less water, be more resistant to weeds and maintain a deep, green colour. Achieving a crisp and clean cut with a sharp blade will help prevent a “brown tip” appearance. For well shaded lawns, cutting too short can be detrimental. It is wise to raise your mower height to its highest setting for shaded lawns.

Myth #3: Watering lawns every day is ideal

Reality: Daily watering, regardless of the weather, can be destructive your lawn. During peak heat periods, you should never water your lawn more than 3 times per week. DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo lawn and Eureka Kikuyu turf require even less than this. Keep in mind that deep watering of your lawn is recommended to nurture the roots, as opposed to a quick light showering.

Myth #4: You should only replace your lawn or lay new turf during Spring 

Reality: Anco Turf quality lawn varieties can be laid year-round. Root development can take longer during the cooler months, but natural rainfall can also aid the process and help deep root establishment. For tips on laying the perfect lawn, speak to the experts at Anco Turf.

Myth #5: Fertilising your lawn should be done in early Spring 

Reality: Nowadays you can find the correct fertiliser to suit your turf variety and season.  You can in fact fertilise at a time that suits you, providing you use the right fertiliser. At different times of year, your turf species will require specific nutrients. The lawn care professionals at Anco Turf can advise the best solution for your lawn; be it a slow-release fertiliser or a quick-release fertiliser.  Be responsible when you apply fertiliser, by cleaning up any remnants which land on your footpath, surrounding streets and driveways.

Myth #6: A garden hose is more cost efficient than installing an irrigation system. 

Reality: Smart irrigation systems with control sensors can in fact save you 15%-20% off your water bills. Despite the initial cost of installing an irrigation system, the benefits are worthwhile long term. Irrigation spray nozzles spread heavy droplets of water at a slower pace, ensuring targeted, deeper water penetration. Of course, you will save plenty of valuable time by choosing to install a suitable irrigation system.

Myth #7: If your lawn appears brown, it is time to panic 

Reality: Grasses are intrinsically capable of enduring long periods of drought by entering a state of dormancy.  When temperatures and moisture levels are at their extreme, the crown of the grass plant will shut off the grass blades, turning them brown. In many turf types, as soon as the heat stressors have passed, the lawn will develop new shoots and leaves. There are some drought tolerant varieties such as DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo grass which won’t lay dormant in summer, as well as other solutions to overcoming brown appearance in your existing grass. Dr Turf is Anco Turf’s diagnostic service for any lawn care related queries.

For more helpful tips on taking care of your lawn and garden, or to hire a landscape professional, call 1800 010 110.

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