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Cultivating Green Excellence: Anco Woorinen Turf Farm – Nurturing Premier Varieties for Pristine Landscapes

Cultivating Green Excellence: Anco Woorinen Turf Farm – Nurturing Premier Varieties for Pristine Landscapes

  • 09 - 08 - 2023
  • Anco Swan HIll
By Anco Turf

From a small Mallee town nestled within the idyllic confines of Woorinen South, a mere twelve kilometres from Swan Hill emerges a monumental milestone in the realm of Australian instant turf production.

Anco Turf

Presenting the epitome of horticultural prowess, the Anco Woorinen Turf farm sprawls across a grand expanse encompassing more than 1000 acres of prime Mallee sandy loam soil. This distinguished establishment stands as one of the four agricultural bastions meticulously operated by the esteemed Anco company.

The fertile grounds of Woorinen boast the cultivation of three distinct grass species, a triad encompassing the DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo, the resolute TifTuf Bermuda couch, and the robust Eureka Kikuyu.

In the capable stewardship of Giles Johns, a luminary with over two decades of turf production acumen, the Woorinen farm flourishes. Having relocated with his family to Woorinen South four years prior, Johns engenders a palpable sense of community engagement through active participation in local associations and clubs. A dedicated proponent of fostering community ties, Johns facilitated Anco’s sponsorship of the Woorinen Tigers Football and Netball club, thereby endowing their attire with the dignified Anco insignia. Echoing this commitment, Johns affirms Anco’s profound dedication to community involvement, as they fervently endorse an eclectic array of clubs and organizations spanning the landscape of their farm’s locales.

Anchored in the heritage of familial stewardship, Anco stands as an integral member of the distinguished Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA). This esteemed affiliation affords Anco exclusive access to the preeminent turfgrass breeding initiatives on the global stage. Resulting from these pioneering programs emerges an array of distinctive grass varieties meticulously tailored for domestic lawns and athletic fields; these very varieties now germinate under the experienced care of Anco’s Woorinen domain.

Foremost among Anco’s verdant offerings stands the resplendent DNA Certified Sir Walter, an indigenous creation that encapsulates Anco’s botanical legacy. Since its inauguration in 1997, Sir Walter has blossomed into Australia’s quintessential grass variety, adorning more than 800,000 homes across the nation, totalling an impressive 105 million square meters. This storied lineage of excellence finds its nexus at the Woorinen farm, poised to satisfy the surging demand within the Mallee region and beyond.

Turf Farm Swan Hills

Intriguingly poised to rival Sir Walter’s preeminence, the avant-garde TifTuf couch variety emerges as a harbinger of innovation. Endowed with a capacity to flourish in dry conditions, possessing an enhanced winter hue and rapid recovery from wear, TifTuf strides ahead of its forebears. A trailblazer in water conservation, TifTuf stands alone with the Smart Approved Water Mark across the states of QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, and SA, a testament to its ecological conscientiousness.

Guided by a venerable history dating back to 1977, Anco’s legacy encompasses the provision of premium turf to eminent sports venues, visionary landscapers, and discerning home gardeners alike. Their legacy of horticultural excellence envelops illustrious racetracks such as Flemington and the recently revitalised Caulfield. Indeed, the Caulfield track’s rejuvenation unveiled a mosaic of Kikuyu turf nurtured on the Woorinen farm, an improbable union of Mallee and metropolitan turfdom.

The visionary custodian of Anco, Ryan Cotter, a scion of turf farming lineage, drives the Anco ethos of delivering paramount turf varieties characterized by the zenith of quality and purity. AusGAP, the Australian arbiter of quality standards, meticulously monitors Anco’s verdant paddocks, ensuring the production of Ausgap Certified turf adhering to the most exacting criteria. Emanating from this vigilant oversight, the AusGap certification becomes a hallmark of distinction, providing customers an unswerving assurance of genuine quality and authenticity.

For those embarking on the quest for a lush, resplendent natural grass lawn, the avenues of Anco Turf beckon with resounding promise. DNA Certified Sir Walter, TifTuf Bermuda Couch, and Eureka Kikuyu are now nurtured and distributed within the very heart of the Mallee region. The allure of farm-fresh instant turf lies a mere phone call away.

For inquiries and procurement, Anco may be reached via freecall at 1800 010 110 or through their official website, www.ancoturf.com.au.

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