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Installing A New Lawn In Winter

Installing A New Lawn In Winter

  • 09 - 06 - 2023
By Anco Turf

Even though the warmer months of spring, summer, and early autumn are the best times of year to install a new lawn, winter is still a fine time in most circumstances. Even yet, there are certain advantages to installing a new lawn in the winter.

Anco Turf


There is a widespread fallacy that it is impossible to install a new warm-season turf, like Sir Walter DNA Certified, in cool weather. This is untrue because turf can be planted successfully all year round throughout Australia. This isn’t much a problem in the warmer states, such as Queensland, the Northern Territory, and northern Western Australia, where the weather stays warm. But in NSW, Victoria, SA and southern WA cold winters can put a doubt in our mind.

Why Lay A New Lawn In Winter?

  • Less irrigating is required in winter for new turf.
  • By installing turf now, you can have a fully established lawn in time for summer. Why wait until spring, when you can’t use your lawn until it’s established? Get a head start now!
  • Anco turf farms undertake a number of measures to ensure the turf they supply during winter is top quality. This includes the use of frost blankets and ColourGuard applications.

Water usage is reduced when a new grass is installed in the winter. You won’t need to irrigate your new grass nearly as frequently in the winter as you would in the summer. By establishing turf in the winter and maintaining a lush lawn come spring, you may almost halve your water usage, albeit it still needs some water.

Another benefit is you won’t have to mow your lawn until the weather warms up. Just bear in mind that if you are installing a new grass in the winter, it won’t take root properly until the weather warms up and it begins to grow. Nothing is amiss, and your lawn is not withering as a result of this. It is merely resting till the temps rises enough for it to establish itself properly.

Choosing The Right Turf Variety

There are a few things to think about while installing turf in your landscape and way of life. Budget, lawn traffic, garden location and size are a few examples.

If your garden is drenched in all-day sunlight, your options are pretty much wide open. From the sun-loving couch grasses to budget busting kikuyu’s, most grasses will survive and thrive in these conditions. If you do have issues with shade, this does not discount having a healthy lawn though. Take a look at Sir Walter DNA Certified, well known for setting the benchmark in shade tolerance. In fact, Sir Walter is so popular over 100 million metres of it have been laid since it was discovered. Sir Walter DNA Certified remains Australia’s favourite buffalo lawn. The same can be said for lawns that are given a good workout by kids and pets – take a look at hardy, quick-repairing lawns or even discuss with your local turf supplier varieties such as TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda.

Anco Turf Suppliers

When buying turf from an Anco turf supplier, you can be guaranteed that the turf you receive will be of the highest quality year-round. All our turf suppliers are AusGAP certified. This ensuring you that the turf you have bought will be true to type and has been monitored for quality, to be free of weeds, pests, and diseases.

So why wait? Beat the rush in spring and install your lawn now so it’s ready to use all summer.

To find contact details for your local accredited turf supplier, visit here.

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