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Sir Walter Buffalo vs Other Buffalo Grass: Which is Best?

Sir Walter Buffalo vs Other Buffalo Grass: Which is Best?

  • 22 - 12 - 2022
By Anco Turf

There are a variety of Buffalo grasses available in the market, and it can be challenging to choose between them. Here, we ease your doubts to convince you why Sir Walter Buffalo grass is the best buffalo turf available.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass is the most popular and versatile turf for all Australian conditions. That’s exactly why more than 100 million metres of Sir Walter have been sold since 1997. This type of grass was discovered in the Hunter region of New South Wales when turf farmer Brent Redman noticed a variation in a patch of Buffalo grass he was growing. From humble beginnings, Sir Walter was strategically expanded and tested throughout Australia. It outperformed all other Buffalo turf due to its superior shade and drought tolerance, child and pet friendliness, and low maintenance requirements. It quickly became Australia’s No. 1 performing and favourite turfgrass.

This variant of the Buffalo grass retained a greener colour in the winter months and had a robust root system, making it the country’s best soft-leaf buffalo grass.

Anco Turf stocks Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass, which when applied on your lawn gives it a beautiful look and creates a functional space.

Many issues that other lawn turfs are challenged with are often irrelevant to this superior Buffalo turf.

For these qualities, we recommend that you buy Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass from Anco Turf. It is an affordable, low-maintenance, and non-allergenic grass that makes your lawn look beautiful throughout the year.

Sir Walter DNA certified


Head-to-Head Comparison Between Various Types of Buffalo Grass

All Buffalo grasses typically have a dark green colour, high shade and drought tolerance, and excellent wear tolerance. This type of grass due to its broad leaves is exposed to more sunlight and can photosynthesise better than the other varieties of grass.

Not all Buffalo grasses are identical. Each has its own unique properties. In general, they are all adaptable and grow well in a vast variety of growing conditions, and repel weeds due to their thick growth. But should you want the best Buffalo grass, it’s Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass that beats other varieties of Buffalo grass by a wide margin.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure you are buying genuine Sir Walter DNA-certified Buffalo grass from Anco Turf.

There are many knock-offs of ‘Sir Walter’ Buffalos being promoted in the market but, just because a Buffalo grass is titled ‘Sir Walter’, doesn’t ensure that it is genetically the same as the DNA Certified Sir Walter.  Make sure you are buying from Lawn Solutions Australia-accredited growers, such as Anco Turf.

Top Reasons Why Sir Walter is the Best Buffalo Grass & What to Look For Before Buying

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

  • Make sure your Sir Walter Buffalo turf is DNA-certified

Genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified grass is only available from accredited Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) members, such as Anco Turf. We grow ‘Breeder Guaranteed’ Sir Walter DNA Certified turf.

Sir Walter Buffalo turf that is produced and sold by LSA members is the genuine, high-quality turf that Aussies trust. With every Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass purchase, you will be issued a Certificate of Authenticity, no matter how big or small the order is. This certificate is your guarantee that you are receiving the original Sir Walter.

Sir Walter was named to imply the qualities the grass possesses. Initially, the acronym ‘WALT’ was created to mean ‘Winter Active, Low Thatch’. The addition of ‘ER’ was added later to stand for ‘Environmentally Responsible’. These are all the more reasons why you should buy Sir Walter turf Melbourne from Anco Turf.

  • Make sure to check if Sir Walter you buy is AusGAP-certified

Ensure that Sir Walter is AusGAP certified. AusGAP is the top Australian turf certification programme that ensures the turf is of the best quality and complies with stringent rules. You can be confident that with an AusGAP stamp, the Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is of top quality and that the entire production, delivery, and installation process comply with the highest industry standards.

At Anco Turf, Sir Walter comes with a 10-year product warranty. This more the reason why you should buy Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf from Anco Turf, located in the metro Melbourne area.

  • Research, knowledge & experience

Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf has withstood the test of time better than any other new generation of Buffalo grass. It is not only the best-selling Buffalo grass in Australia but it is also recommended by almost every industry expert.

  • A lawn that can be enjoyed year-round

There are several reasons why homeowners would invest in a great lawn. One of the most common reasons for laying quality instant lawn is to create a visually appealing and functional outdoor space. Spending time outside has significant mental and physical health benefits, and Sir Walter provides you year-round enjoyment.

  • Easy maintenance

Sir Walter grows deep roots that require very little water to prosper. Even during drought-like conditions, the roots rarely dry out, but you need to mow to 35-65mm in length and water regularly throughout the year. We recommend fertilising the lawn in the spring and autumn for optimal care.

Sir Walter is also one of the most pest and disease-resistant Buffalos, allowing you to spend less time worrying about your lawn and more time enjoying it. Sir Walter’s dense cover also discourages weed infestation and you have to use less herbicides. It rarely contracts severe fungus, which reduces the need for fungicides on your lawn.

  • Pocket-friendly option

Artificial grass and other landscape options, such as paving can burn a hole in your pocket but Sir Walter is a bargain. In addition, natural turf is eco-friendly, reduces erosion, the risk of fire, increases oxygen and health benefits, and is cooler for your home.

  • It’s less allergenic

We wish to have a lawn that you can enjoy without suffering from allergies Sir Walter is the best turf you can have. This type of grass protects you against environmental allergies, which grows through spreading stolons. Cool-season grasses, which grow from seed (creeping stems) do not pose these problems. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo produces fewer seed heads unless subjected to extreme stress or neglect, making it extremely effective against allergies. It also has a smooth leaf blade without jagged edges, so it’s also skin-friendly.

  • DNA-certified Sir Walter keeps your home cool

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass can keep your home up to 10°C cooler than bare soil, 20°C cooler than concrete, and 40°C cooler than artificial turf.

  • Tolerance to shade

Sir Walter DNA Certified grass prospers in hot weather, but unlike most other pro-summer grasses, it also thrives well in cool climates and shaded areas. This is one of the main reasons why Sir Walter DNA Certified instant turf is the most popular instant lawn variety for Aussies. Due to its high shade tolerance and ability to thrive in full-sun environment, Sir Walter DNA Certified instant lawn is the most versatile turfgrass in the market.

  • Absolutely Aussie

At Anco Turf, we prefer Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn to other Buffalo varieties for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that it’s Australian-born and bred, and of course, is grown in Australia.


How Do Sir Walter Buffalo Handle Weeds?

Sir Walter turf has natural weed resistance that stifles the growth of bothersome weeds in its normal and healthy states.

If weeds shoot through your Sir Walter turf, we recommend heavy fertilising, and then mowing twice in a 21-day period. This natural growth defence mechanism usually kills any weeds starting to sprout through.

In uncommon cases, a weed spray might be necessary. Please consult your local nursery or turf specialist to identify the type of weed and then treat it with an effective spray.

What is The Best Type of Buffalo Grass?

Sir Walter Buffalo grass usually is more shade tolerant than the other varieties because of its broad leaves. It is exposed to more sunlight and can photosynthesise more efficiently than the other types of grass.

However, Sapphire Buffalo has thinner leaves than Sir Walter Buffalo and many prefer its finer look.

Both Sir Walter and Sapphire are shade tolerant. Both types of grass can perform well with just three hours of sunlight a day. No lawn grass varieties can survive with lower sunlight than this.

What Is Sir Walter Buffalo Grass?

Sir Walter buffalo grass is a premium choice for lawns because it was cultivated and adapted as a tough buffalo turf specifically for the harsh Australian environment by an Australian turf farmer. A low-maintenance turf, Sir Walter’s lawns are soft underfoot and very easy to maintain.

Is There Another Name For Buffalo Grass?

Many other common names are in use worldwide, including Quick grass, Carpet grass, Couch grass, Mission grass, Crabgrass, Pemba grass, and Pimento grass. Buffalo grass is also the common name for several other grass species, particularly Bouteloua dactyloides.

Why is it Called Sir Walter Grass?

Sir Walter was named to reflect the qualities that the grass possesses. Initially the acronym ‘WALT’ was created, to stand for ‘Winter Active, Low Thatch’. Later, a reference to the significant environmental benefits of the grass was stated, with the addition of the ‘ER’ for ‘Environmentally Responsible’.

Is Buffalo Grass Better Than Kikuyu?

If you were to pick out of the two turf varieties, Sir Walter Buffalo turf would be your best option. This type of grass has better rating for shade tolerance, drought and heat tolerance, weed and pest resistance, low maintenance, and overall performance.

Under What Conditions Does Sir Walter Buffalo Grow Well?

Sir Walter is perfect for Australia’s weather conditions. Sir Walter has no problems with the sun, extreme heat, shade and part-shade, salt, drought or frost. Sir Walter Buffalo is the best all-round grass variety for the Melbourne climate.

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