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How Much Does Instant Lawn Cost in Melbourne

How Much Does Instant Lawn Cost in Melbourne

  • 02 - 01 - 2018
  • Turf News
By Anco Turf

Cost of Instant Lawn in Melbourne

Instant turf is one of the most efficient and economical ways of achieving a beautiful-looking lawn in a flash. Suppliers of instant turf in Melbourne do all the hard work of cultivating the perfect lawn so that landscapers, homeowners, business owners and councils can benefit from a green and enjoyable outdoor area.

Anco Turf

How Much Does Turf Cost?

Instant turf prices in Melbourne have not risen much in the past year or two, and are calculated by square meter. Asking ‘how much does instant turf cost’ can often be answered easily, once you have determined your overall area and variety of turf.

Anco Turf provides the best quality lawn so you can rest assured the cost of your grass turf is value for money.

The cost of grass turf will be different for each turf variety. There are five main varieties of genetically pure instant turfs that suppliers generally sell. Anco Turf, one of Melbourne’s leading growers of quality lawns, provide instant turf to both retail customers and tradespeople.

Instant Turf Lawn Pricing Example

The retail price for each type of instant turf ranges from $8.80 per sqm (including GST) up to $12.95 per sqm (including GST). The Kikuyu turf price in Melbourne is at the lower end of the spectrum, as is the cost of Nullabor Couch grass turf. The Tall Fescue turf cost and Sir Walter Buffalo turf price are at the higher end of the spectrum.

The instant turf installation cost for tradespeople is usually $1.00 to $2.00 cheaper per sqm than the retail cost. For those working in the landscaping or environmental industry, the turf cost is lower because the orders tend to be larger in volume and frequency than one-off private instant turf purchases.

It is important to note that sometimes fluctuations in cost for certain instant turf varieties occur. This can be due to extreme weather, which can cause difficult turf-growing conditions or stock limitations.

Why Do Different Lawn Types Vary in Price?

Simply put, the more expensive turf varieties offer more benefits, such as less dormant periods, a year-round green appearance, less maintenance, and a softer texture. The cost of laying instant turf in Melbourne will depend on whether you want to install the grass turf yourself or hire a professional gardener or landscaper to lay your turf.

Is Instant Turf Installation Worth The Money?

Melbourne is a beautiful city, with residents and councils prioritising outdoor enjoyment. Parklands, sporting fields, backyards, nature strips, front lawns and manicured courtyards are always more attractive with lush, green grass.

The cost to purchase and install an instant turf lawn can start at $150 and creep into the thousands depending on the size of the outdoor area and which lawn variety you decide to buy. Regardless of how much you spend on instant turf, the result will be worthwhile. Those in Melbourne who have chosen to lay instant turf agree that the one-off cost of laying instant turf outweighs the many benefits instant grass brings.

Have A Question On The Cost of Instant Turf?

The professional instant turf suppliers at Anco Turf will be happy to answer your questions by phone or email. Contact us today!

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