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The Best Time to lay Instant Turf in Melbourne

The Best Time to lay Instant Turf in Melbourne

  • 23 - 10 - 2017
  • Laying Turf Turf News
By Anco Turf

Instant lawn is a convenient lawn solution for anyone wanting to create a green outdoor space in Melbourne.

Anco Turf

When planning to lay instant turf at your Melbourne property, timing is an important consideration. Choosing to lay your turf at the best time can have a positive impact on the lifespan of your lawn.

Anco Turf sells the highest quality, DNA certified turf available, which has been scientifically designed to flourish in Victorian weather conditions all year round. The specialist lawn care team at Anco Turf recommend the best time to lay your instant turf in Melbourne during spring and autumn, in order to establish a deep-root system. Here’s why;

Take advantage of natural rainfall

Laying your turf during a warmer and damp period will mean that you will not be relying solely on your private water supply to establish a healthy root system. With natural, sporadic rainfall combined with irrigation when needed, the soil and lawn will fuse together quicker and create a strong foundation early on.

Benefit from less foot traffic early on

Whether you are laying turf for domestic or commercial purposes, it is best to allow 2-4 weeks of no foot traffic from the time it is laid. It may be easier to keep people off a freshly laid lawn during the colder, wetter months of the year.

Enjoy a greener lawn in Spring and Summer

The result of a well-established instant lawn is an optimal, green outdoor space. Entertaining and outdoor enjoyment in Melbourne is easy with turf that has been properly laid at the right time.

Of course, if you are pressed for time, and need to lay your instant turf during a hot, dry patch in Melbourne, you can also achieve an excellent result if you take care to lay your turf properly. Read here for easy to follow instructions: https://www.ancoturf.com.au/how-to-lay-turf/

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