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Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf – Why When Where

Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf – Why When Where

  • 14 - 01 - 2019
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By Anco Turf

Buffalo Grass – “Makes excellent Garden lawns and is particularly valuable for enduring drought. It will grow on any soil, running freely and producing a good sward ………..”

Sir Walter DNA certified

The above was written in 1905 and was discovered in a comprehensive seed catalogue of F. Hamilton Brunning who were selling “cuttings of the creeping stems” of Buffalo for 3 shillings and sixpence per half sack from their Elizabeth St Melbourne store way back then. Todays Brunnings brand of lawn seed is a decendent from the original company of F. Hamilton Brunning. John Cotter (co-founder of Anco Turf) at one time prior to establishing Anco Turf, worked for Brunnings Seeds (not to be confused with Bunnings) when the company was located off Kingsway in South Melbourne. In an ironic twist over 100 years later Anco Turf commenced growing an improved soft leaf form of the same Buffalo species that became common in the shaded Terrace Houses of inner Melbourne back in the late 1880’s and early 1900’s.

Why, When & Where To Buy Turf?

The extended drought years that afflicted much of Australia at the turn of the current Century through until 2011 saw a dramatic rise in the popularity of Buffalo grass due to its ability to grow in dry conditions. Water restrictions saw the sales of cool season grasses such as Ryegrass and Tall Fescue diminish as home owners sought a grass that could handle hot and dry conditions as well as the shade that the new developments were prone to.

With the problems that Water restrictions brought to the Gardens of Melbourne and Victoria a new champion in Lawn grass emerged. Sir Walter Buffalo was the answer that the Lawn Lover of the new Millenium was looking for and between 1996 until now over 75 million square metres have been delivered to over 700 thousand yards across Australia.

The Quality assured and Guaranteed Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass provided a lawn that remained green for most of the year and was drought tolerant, pet friendly and low maintenance for the DIY home owner and remains Australia’s most popular lawn grass.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is easy to lay and will tolerate a wide array of soil types and PH levels. It truly is the go anywhere, grow anywhere grass for Australia. For further information contact Anco Turf  –Melbourne’s specialist Lawn experts and a founding member and grower of Lawn Solutions Australia.

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