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Natural Turf vs Artificial Turf – Which One Should You Use?

Natural Turf vs Artificial Turf – Which One Should You Use?

  • 24 - 02 - 2020
  • Lawn Care
By Anco Turf

Natural turf and artificial turf are popular choices of lawn in Melbourne. Many people choose to install natural turf and artificial turf based on individual preferences.

Anco Turf

We stock real instant lawn Melbourne along with lawn fertilisers and other accessories for your complete turf installation and care needs. While both types of turf have advantages and disadvantages, installing real and natural Sir Walter lawn or buy Kikuyu grass is our preferred option. Natural turf has important benefits for your heath and the environment.

Many people choose artificial turf because it is easy to maintain, come with a long warranty period, can be custom designed, requires no watering, can easily be fixed and retains the all year-round green look. Residential and commercial property owners install artificial turf because it offers the set-and-forget features that are ideal for time-poor owners and operators.


Despite these benefits, the are many other disadvantages of artificial turf including over-heating, unsupportive of the local natural environment, does not promote health air, does not absorb particles and can cause harm to those who fall over on it.

4 key benefits of real natural turf over artificial turf

natural turf vs artificial turf


The turf installation cost for real natural turf differs to artificial turf. While the short-term cost might be slightly greater because you are purchasing real, natural and healthy grass, you will have beautiful and soft natural grass underfoot. A well-maintained natural lawn will command a high value for your property as it shows that you have kept it well. In addition, the ongoing maintenance cost of natural turf is similar to artificial turf. Artificial turf can incur higher maintenance costs if there is a tear which causes weeds to grow through it, or there is a sink hole underneath due to incorrect installation. Also, natural turf lasts a lifetime whereas artificial turf needs to be replaced at least every 10-12 years.


Real and natural turf needs to be regularly maintained. If maintained correctly on a periodic basis, there isn’t much work to do other than to water, fertilise and mow it. While both types of turf require regular raking, any animal droppings or urine will be absorbed by natural turf as opposed to artificial turf. Unlike artificial turf which has a finite life span, well-maintained natural turf will last a lifetime. As you go about maintaining your real turf, you will receive various health and environmental benefits. Natural turf supports the local ecosystem and helps to keep your house cool during the summer.

Health benefits

There are many health advantages to natural turf. Natural turf is soft underfoot, which helps to minimise injury during falls and contact. Natural turf helps to cool down your property as it absorbs the sun and heat. It helps support the local ecosystem and allows good bacteria to thrive. Absorbing harmful carbon dioxide, real turf acts as a free natural filter to help you breathe cleaner air. Natural turf traps various foreign particles floating throughout the environment and is pet-friendly too.


Natural turf is a sustainable option that supports the local ecosystem. The manufacturing process for artificial turf requires large amounts of electricity and plastic. These processes are harmful to the environment. In comparison, natural turf requires little to no electricity during manufacture and, because it is the real option, it helps to support the environment and ecosystem. It allows insects and other members of the ecosystem to stay nourished and it promotes the growth of good bacteria. It also keeps properties cool during the warmer months which minimises the need for expensive cooling systems.

At Anco Turf, we specialise in selling a wide range of real natural turf for your property. The types of turf that we stock include Sir Walter DNA Certified, Eureka Kikuyu, Nullarbor Couch, RTF Tall Fescue, Sir Grange and Turf Tablet. Either visit us in store, buy turf grass online or contact us on 1800 010 110 for further information.

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