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Tips to Choose the Best Drought Tolerant Grass

Tips to Choose the Best Drought Tolerant Grass

  • 03 - 02 - 2022
  • Grass Tips
By Anco Turf

Drought can spark doom for lawn lovers in Australia.

Long hot summers and potential water restrictions in some parts of the country dictate the need to seek out turf varieties that can withstand dry spells.

Thankfully, turf growers and horticulturalists continue to optimise their drought-tolerant grass offerings to include some exceptional lawn options.

The best way to choose drought-tolerant grass is by learning about the top-selling turf types for dry climates and then deciding which one will suit your specific property and personal needs.


TifTuf Bermuda Hybrid lawn

Nullarbor Couch

TifTuf instant lawn is the result of decades of research and development. It is a top-performing Bermuda couch variety lawn solution for high traffic areas for both residential and commercial properties. TifTuf Bermuda turf maintains its deep green colour during heat waves and has the best chance of withstanding severe drought and water restrictions.  The science behind this hard-wearing instant turf is its ability to establish efficient root systems with self-repairing properties. If you lay TifTuf Bermuda turf correctly, you will enjoy plenty of hot summers with a lovely, green lawn. The price of the TifTuf lawn will be a worthwhile investment, as you will enjoy greener, healthier grass for longer.

Eureka Kikuyu Grass

Eureka Kikuyu Turf

Most famous for its self-repairing qualities and ability to thrive in heat, Eureka Kikuyu turf is ideal for drought-prone areas. Although this grass type can go dormant during the peak winter months and doesn’t enjoy shaded areas, we recommend buying Eureka Kikuyu turf if drought, wear and heat are key climactic concerns for your property. This grass type is also budget-friendly and easy to maintain.

Sir Grange Zoysia Turf

Sir Grange Turf

Sometimes referred to as Zoysia, sometimes just as Sir Grange, this turf variety is a premium grass that can survive and thrive during hot spells. It requires less nitrogen, and less fertiliser than most other turf types and grows well in both sunny and shaded areas. Once your Sir Grange Zoysia grass is well established, which requires some proper attention to detail, you will reap the benefits of a stunning lawn for many, many years. Sir Grange is a stunning looking lawn with an extremely fine leaf blade.

Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified Grass

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf

You may have heard this grass variety mentioned on various blog posts due to its all-round ability to resist drought, pests, weeds, disease, wear and tear and more. Sir Walter Buffalo lawn is Melbourne’s favourite grass type and continues to impress homeowners owners thanks to its hardiness and beauty. Sir Walter DNA Certified is both sun and shade tolerant. Provided you ensure optimal establishment and plenty of deep soakings during the inception stages of growing your lawn, subsequent summer heat spells should not have damaging effects on a Sir Walter Buffalo grass.

Important factors to consider before you buy new grass for drought-prone areas;

Inspect your site at most hours of the day

Whether you are looking to lay turf in your backyard, front yard, sport field or otherwise, it is worth knowing how many hours per day the area is exposed to sunlight. Is the space open? Are there trees or walls or other structures creating high shade zones? If so, you may need to look for a drought-tolerant turf that also handles shade well.

Your lawn will only be as good as the soil it grows in

Before laying your new turf ensure that the soil is a free draining loam type with a suitable PH level. Avoid using soil mixes containing too much organic and clay content as these will compact severely in time and cause root decline in your lawn grass.

Pinpoint your budget

It is all very well knowing you want to get a top performing and drought tolerant lawn. However, these qualities can be costly, especially for larger areas. Know your budget and total square meterage before you begin your hunt. You may wish to use our easy turf measuring calculator. 

Be realistic about your lawn care practices

With each turf type comes recommended lawn care maintenance. Some require frequent mowing and watering; others need more fertiliser and nutrients than others. Before you buy your new lawn in Melbourne, be realistic about how much time and attention you can give your grass to make the best decision for your lifestyle and enjoyment.

Choosing a drought-tolerant grass variety can make all the difference in the health and appearance of your lawn during the drier months. TifTuf turf for Melbourne is the best choice as a drought-resistant turf which is why it is number one on our list. To know the price of TifTuf grass for your property and for more information about your lawn needs, check out the AncoTurf App today.

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