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Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf—Australia’s Largest Selling Turf Variety

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf—Australia’s Largest Selling Turf Variety

  • 12 - 12 - 2022
By Anco Turf

For the Australian lawn and turf industry, 1996 marked a significant year because Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf was discovered at that time.

New South Wales turf farmer Brent Redman noticed a variation in a patch of Buffalo grass he was growing. The variant of the Buffalo grass retained a greener colour in the winter months and had a healthier root system.

Following the discovery, propagation of the variant began and the wheels of the development of a new grass were set in motion.

Why Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf is Australia’s Number One Lawn Grass?


Fast forward to 2022, over one million square metres of Sir Walter have been produced and sold, making it the largest-selling turf variety and the most successful turfgrass in Australia.

There are good reasons for the success of Sir Walter. It is a pure variety and has high standards that need to be met by its growers that sell and market it as DNA Certified Sir Walter. This is done to protect purity through generations of its production.

Buying DNA Certified Sir Walter assures buyers that they are receiving the genuine product and not one of the “me to”, look-alike or “bred from Sir Walter” products that some growers claim to have and all of which are not the true DNA Certified Sir Walter. If it’s not DNA Certified, it’s not the real thing.

Anco Turf provides DNA Certified Sir Walter with an “Original Breeder” guarantee that is only awarded to Lawn Solutions Australia growers that have their Sir Walter turf validated through DNA testing. It is your assurance of quality and purity and is backed by our service and advice. Lawn Solutions Australia is a national group of accredited turf growers, offering ‘gold standard’ of quality to customers across Australia.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf Properties

DNA Certified Sir Walter is shade tolerant, heat tolerant survives with minimal irrigation, and provides a lush lawn in most Australian climates.

It’s no wonder that DNA Certified Sir Walter is Australia’s largest-selling turf variety.

You can safely buy your patch by contacting Anco Turf or by free calling us on 1800 010 110 or through our website.

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