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10 Tips to Level Your Backyard in 2024

10 Tips to Level Your Backyard in 2024

  • 17 - 08 - 2021
  • Grass Tips
By Anco Turf

It’s an exciting time when you get to the stage of planning to install new turf and this is no doubt the type of process you want to do once and do right.

It’s an exciting time when you get to the stage of planning to install new turf and this is no doubt the type of process you want to do once and do right.

Some homeowners choose to level their backyards intermittently for the healthy maintenance of their lawn, but for the purpose of this article, we refer to leveling your backyard with the intention of laying new instant turf.

Whether you have selected Nullarbor Couch turf, Kikuyu grass, Tiftuf Bermuda, Sir Walter Buffalo grass or otherwise, a critical step in achieving an optimal, healthy, long lasting lawn is leveling your backyard successfully.

Here are 10 tips to level your backyard for the best instant grass outcome

yard leveling

1. Create a ‘backyard levelling plan’

There is nothing worse than embarking on a project only to realise halfway through that you have missed a step or don’t have everything you need to complete the task. Your plan should include a list of equipment for levelling your soil, including shovel, lawn roller, gloves, sand and topsoil, lawn leveling rake, plastic rake, grass seed, push broom, string and wooden (for extra precision), lawn edger and a wheelbarrow. Also, plan to level when the ground is dry.

2. Remove your old turf

It is likely that you have old turf that needs to be removed. Mow your lawn right down and then remove the old turf by shovelling it out in squares, starting with approximately 50cm squares and if the turf comes out easily, increase the size. If possible, dig out the turf at the same depth as you go, taking care to remove old roots from the soil.

3. Clear the space

It is best to have a clear space to work, so before you get to fill the divots and low spots, clear away all the debris as best as you can.

4. Line up your string and stakes

Using a measuring tape, create an even string frame with some graph lines to act as a height guide for your soil. You may need a second or third person to assist with this step.

5. Have enough topsoil mixture ready

Some DIY gardeners may choose to fill divots with their own blend of topsoil, sand and compost (a rough apportionment is 2/5 topsoil, 2/5 sand, 1/5 compost). Or you may buy a topsoil mixture from your preferred turf supplier. Be sure you have plenty of mixture on hand before you begin so that you can get the job done in one go. With extra mixture ready for step 8.

6. Fill the holes

Pack the holes with your mixture using your glove-covered hands or a shovel in larger areas.

7. Add some grass seed

Although instant turf, be it kikuyu grass, Nullarbor Couch, Tiftuf Bermuda, Sir Walter Buffalo grass and other premium lawn varieties are often ripe for establishment as they are, adding grass seed evenly to the soil will aid in a healthy infancy stage.

8. Even out the entire area with topsoil mixture

With obvious divots now filled and the area mostly flattened, it is great to add the same topsoil mixture across the entire yard for uniformity.

9. Compact the area with a lawn roller

Lawn rollers can be rented from your turf supplier or garden store to allow you to level your lawn independently. This machine will help to compact the soil for a lovely level plain.

10. Water the levelled yard evenly

By watering the area, you will help to solidify the new soil into the existing ground and prepare the space for new instant turf.

If you are unsure about laying grass alone, call in the experts from AncoTurf to level and lay your new turf. The turf installation process can be a lot smoother with professional assistance. Grass installation cost can be a deterrent, but you may be surprised at the affordability of having your lawn professionally levelled and laid.

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