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How and When to Lay Instant Turf in Australia: A Step by Step Guide

How and When to Lay Instant Turf in Australia: A Step by Step Guide

  • 31 - 10 - 2017
  • Laying Turf Turf News
By Anco Turf

Anco Turf, like any quality turf supplier in Australia will tell you that laying turf properly and at the right time will give your lawn the best chance for a long and healthy life.

Anco Turf


Most lawns need frequent watering during the early weeks to ensure that the turf and soil fix together well. You want to achieve a deep-root system, and water encourages this, so laying turf during spring and autumn or a consistently rainy period is a smart idea.

Anco Turf also recommends laying turf at least 3 weeks prior to heavy foot traffic. It is best to allow your turf to establish evenly for a few weeks; refraining from walking or running on the grass is the best way to guarantee the best start for your instant turf in Australia.


Step 1 – Buy quality AusGAP certified instant turf from a reputable turf supplier in Melbourne or Australia, and arrange a delivery time to suit your or your gardener’s availability

Step 2 – If you need to apply new soil, do so within a week prior to laying your instant turf

Step 2 – Level and compact your soil to eliminate air pockets and give your lawn an even base.

Step 3 – Lay your turf the same day it is delivered to optimise the growth and to avoid the turf from drying out.

Step 4 – Stagger your rolls of turf in a brick-like pattern to avoid gaps when the turf shrinks slightly. Keep turf snug without overlapping.

Step 5 – Water heavily once your turf is laid, and consistently for the weeks following.

Step 6 – Avoid walking on your newly laid turf.

Step 7 – Create a schedule for regular watering and maintenance of your new lawn.

Lawns are meant to be enjoyed. Whether you are considering laying lawn in your backyard, court-yard, or for commercial or multi-purpose use, buy your instant turf from the leading turf supplier in Victoria, Australia, Anco Turf.

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