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3 Reasons Why Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass is the Best Choice for Lawn

3 Reasons Why Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass is the Best Choice for Lawn

  • 02 - 05 - 2018
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By Anco Turf

Do you ever get ‘lawn envy?’

This common problem often strikes when one sees other lawns that are luscious and green and made of Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass! To overcome ‘lawn envy’, all you need to do is buy Sir Walter DNA certified turf from an accredited lawn solutions supplier in Melbourne, like AncoTurf.

Anco Turf


Not only will laying Sir Walter Buffalo grass give you a beautiful-looking lawn, you will also benefit from these 3 reasons why Sir Walter Dna Certified Buffalo Grass is the best choice for a lawn:

1. Year-Round Enjoyment

The main purpose of laying quality lawn is to establish an attractive outdoor area for play and relaxation. There are significant health benefits associated with spending time outside; breathing in fresh air, giving your mind and eyes a break from screen time and accessing the sun’s Vitamin D. Many homeowners choose to buy Sir Walter DNA certified turf because it is a resilient turf type which can thrive in any Australian climate. In fact, Sir Walter Buffalo grass is shade tolerant, drought tolerant and evergreen, making it the perfect grass for outdoor enjoyment every day of the year.

2. Easy to Maintain

Sir Walter DNA certified buffalo grass is a top choice in Melbourne and Australia wide due to its low maintenance requirements. The fact that this turf variety can create deep root systems with little water allows it to thrive during the warmer months, without drying out. If you lay Sir Walter buffalo grass according to recommended guidelines or allow a professional to lay your turf, you will create an excellent foundation for a long lasting, beautiful lawn. Mowing to 4-6cm length as needed is recommended, as is regular watering throughout the year.

3. Increased Property Value

Especially in Melbourne, home hunters now pay particular attention to the entertainment and lifestyle opportunities offered by properties. Sir Walter DNA certified buffalo lawn is favoured by landscapers, architects and home improvers as the best lawn to upgrade any outdoor space. For townhouses or front lawns, large backyards or landscaped areas, Sir Walter buffalo grass is a perfect enhancement solution. Home buyers or renters will be seduced by the vibrant green and soft blades of Sir Walter buffalo lawn and will be likely to envisage a healthy and happy lifestyle in a property where luscious lawn is present. This can drive up the value of your property when the time comes to sell or lease your home. Your initial lawn investment will pay for itself in time.

These are the top three reasons why choosing to buy Sir Walter DNA certified lawn is ideal, but there are many other benefits too. For more information, contact us today by calling 1800 010 110.

What is your favourite feature of Sir Walter Buffalo grass? AncoTurf’s green thumb community would love to hear from you. Please comment below.

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