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5 Tips on How to Protect Grass in Winter

5 Tips on How to Protect Grass in Winter

  • 15 - 06 - 2018
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By Anco Turf

Frost, weeds, heavy soaking and low levels of sunlight; for humans these conditions inspire us to rug up, rest up and stay covered, but lawns enter survival mode during winter and need our help to stay healthy.

To give your lawn the best treatment during the harsh winter season, be sure to follow these 5 tips on how to take care of your lawn in winter.

1. Mow Less And Catch The Clippings

One of the best winter grass treatment tips is to limit your mowing in line with the slower grass growth habits during the cooler months. In addition, keep the mower on catch mode to ensure that the freshly cut blades are not suffocated. This will help to maximise the amount of winter sun that the blades can capture, keeping your winter lawn at its peak.

2. Aerate Your Soil

Working a pitchfork into the soil will create wells for water distribution and fertiliser is a great way to aerate your soil. This can be done as soon as the temperature drops to prepare your lawn for winter and again every 3-4 weeks during the cooler months. Larger fields will require a coring machine to aerate the soil for the best winter lawn.

3. Weed Vigilantly

Unlike some turf types, weeds do not go dormant during winter. In fact, they tend to thrive in the cold and wet weather. Create a weekly weeding plan to avoid weed overgrowth. Grass that grows in winter is weed free. Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is generally more resistant to weeds and may be the perfect choice if you are laying new turf in winter.

4. Clear All Obstructions

Winterize lawn and bring it to it’s optimum by eliminating all obstructions. Autumn leaves tend to build up quickly, especially along lawn edges. By frequently raking these away, your turf will be exposed to maximum sunlight. Outdoor play equipment should be regularly moved from one place to another to avoid killing of the grass underneath. It is also a wise idea to prune back large trees, as the dense foliage can create too much shade over the lawn. The less obstructions, the more chance your turf has to thrive in winter conditions.

5. Keep It Pretty With Colourguard

One of the most popular winter grass treatments these days is known as Colourguard. It is an all-natural and nutritional grass colourant that immediately returns dull looking turf back to a gorgeous green. Once applied, the Colourguard will not wash away, as it is rain resistant, drought resistant and frost resistant. If you’re looking to winterize your beloved lawn, Colourguard is the perfect winter grass treatment. Some more great tips for keeping your looking stellar this winter, Anco Turf’s article “Winterise Your Lawn” could prove helpful as well.

Do you feel that the grass is always greener on other properties? Are your winter lawn care tactics not working? Perhaps Dr Turf can help. Anco Turf offer this free lawn care diagnostic and advice service to new and existing customers. Simply email Anco Turf now for professional lawn assistance this winter.

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