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Can You Lay Turf in Winter?

Can You Lay Turf in Winter?

  • 25 - 07 - 2018
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By Anco Turf

It’s undeniable, winter is upon us in Melbourne and Australia; and whether you are working towards a project deadline or simply eager to move forward with a home lawn upgrade you’re not alone in wanting to know ‘Can you lay turf in winter?’

The answer is yes. You can indeed lay turf in winter, but you should follow these top 5 tips to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful lawn.

1. Choose the right turf type

With many turf varieties available, it’s important to know which type will best suit your outdoor area and thrive when laid during the cold, wet season. The best choice for residences and commercial lawns in Victoria is DNA-certified Sir Walter Buffalo lawn. This is because of its ideal cool climate tolerance, which includes a strong ability to withstand harsh frost and shade. More so, with a zero-dormancy period, the establishment phase will not be affected by laying turf in winter. Anco Turf supplies superior Sir Walter Buffalo grass at a competitive price all year round and recommends this for customers looking to lay turf in winter.

2. Use winter lawn fertilizer correctly

During Autumn or Spring, fertilizing new lawns is important, but during winter, lawn fertilizer is imperative. There are some excellent fertilizer products available, designed specifically to enhance a winter lawn’s growth and healthy establishment. Using lawn fertiliser straight away once the lawn is laid is a must, as is regular fertilising during winter and into the spring season. Buying quality fertiliser for your winter lawn can be done in an instant through Anco Turf’s online store.

3. Be mindful of appropriate winter lawn care

Winter lawn care for new lawns involves a few main tasks: ensuring adequate water supply regardless of natural rainfall, clearing obstructive trees to ensure any sunlight reaches areas of your lawn, removing outdoor furniture or equipment from your lawn to ensure even growth, and refraining from mowing your lawn. Gentle raking to clear leaves is also helpful, as is aerating your lawn if extra water penetration is needed. Read “5 Tips on How to Protect Your Grass in Winter” for valuable advice.

4. Winter lawn treatment should be well-planned

It is often the case that despite good intentions, lawns are inadequately maintained during the winter months. If you know you will be laying turf in winter, create a simple schedule using reminders on your smartphone or mark dates in your calendar to prompt you. Monitoring your lawn and actioning the required treatments on time, such as applying winter lawn fertiliser and watering and removing weeds and dead leaves regularly, contributes to a healthy lawn.

5. Seek professional advice before you lay turf in winter

The turf and lawn care experts at Anco Turf have assisted thousands of Australians to lay and enjoy beautiful lawns during winter and all year round. Doing it right the first time will be a cost-effective way to add value and years of outdoor enjoyment to your property. Get in touch today by contacting the friendly pros here.

No matter when you choose to lay new turf, you can buy turf online from Anco Turf. Buying quality turf online from Anco Turf will guarantee you the best start for your outdoor space and the opportunity for ongoing, excellent advice for your lawn.

If you have any hot tips for laying turf in winter, share your comments with our community below.

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