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Caring for your Kikuyu Turf in Winter

Caring for your Kikuyu Turf in Winter

  • 18 - 07 - 2017
  • Seasonal care Turf News
By Anco Turf

As Melbourne enters the cooler Autumn months, and Winter temperatures creep in, those with Kikuyu lawns often begin to stress about maintaining a green, healthy lawn. Of course, Eureka Kikuyu grass thrives in direct sunlit areas, which is easily achieved in Melbourne during summer and spring. So what is the best way to ensure your Kikuyu Turf survives the colder months?

Anco Turf
  1. Fertilise your Kikuyu lawn generously in Autumn.

Ensuring that your Kikuyu lawn is nourished with a slow-release fertilizer leading up to Winter is essential. It is best to use a fertiliser rich in potassium and iron to strengthen and protect the Eureka Kikuyu grass from extremely low temperatures which occur in Melbourne in the early hours of the morning. Well fertilized Kikuyu lawns create deep roots and can maintain their strength through the cold climates.

  1. Trim Well

In late Autumn and winter mow of your lawn slightly higher. It is best to keep your grass at a moderate length, not too short. It will be less susceptible to frost and the longer leaf length will encourage healthy growth and a nice green look all year round.

  1. Monitor Rainfall and Water Your Kikuyu Lawn as Needed

Despite cold temperatures, Melbourne does enjoy plenty of sunshine in Autumn and even in the Winter months. Ideally, your Kikuyu lawn should be watered in the early hours of the morning or in the evening once the sun has gone down. Your Kikuyu grass will not need to be watered over winter unless there is a prolonged dry spell of several months.

As you can see, Kikuyu grass does not require too much extra maintenance in Winter, , trim and regular monitoring for water will be sufficient. The experts at Anco Turf can produce and deliver the perfect green Kikuyu turf for year-round enjoyment. Contact us today.

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