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6 Common Grass Types in Australia: How to Choose Right Grass for your Lawn

6 Common Grass Types in Australia: How to Choose Right Grass for your Lawn

  • 30 - 08 - 2019
  • Turf News
By Anco Turf

The lawn around your property needs to function appropriately and look perfect all year round. There are many grass varieties to choose from and your choice will depend on a few factors.

To make the right decision, make sure you consider the pros and cons of each grass variety and assess whether the grass variety is suitable for your property’s location and your usage requirements. It is important that you make an informed decision to avoid acquiring the incorrect grass variety for your needs, as this will incur additional costs to replace the grass.

To help you buy the best grass turf variety, we stock all 6 common grass varieties in Australia to provide you with an ample selection. It is important you consult with us before choosing a grass variety so we can help you assess your needs and the property’s location and specific conditions.

Show us your building plans or landscaping designs so that we can help you make the right choice. While all grass types share common underlying features, each variety has unique features that must be assessed carefully. For example, while the popular Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass is shade tolerant and low maintenance, the TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda variety can be highly invasive, so regular mowing is required.

6 Common Grass Types in Australia

In this blog, we share 6 common grass types in Australia and provide full descriptions to help you make an informed decision. To acquire the correct grass variety for your property, check that you have assessed your property’s location, the condition of the sub-soil and the surrounding plantation.

1. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass

sir walter lawn

The Sir Walter DNA Certified grass variety is Australia’s no. 1 premium Buffalo lawn type. Popular among all Australians, this grass variety is known for being hardy in all weather conditions and is capable of growing anywhere at any time. This type of grass is a soft and broad leaf variety that is highly durable, easy to maintain and weed resistant.

It is also shade-tolerant and does not require exposure to the sun all the time. This grass turf variety is easy to install and does not need additional care immediately following installation. The lawn is drought tolerant which is ideal for rural areas. The lawn is soft and hardwearing making it the ideal surface for children and pets to play on. There aren’t any negatives about the Sir Walter DNA Certified grass variety, provided that you maintain the grass appropriately.

2. TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda

tiftuf bermuda

A fine leaf variety with dense growth, the TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda grass is ideal for a wide variety of applications. Owing to its high density, it makes the ideal surface for sports ovals, community parks and areas with high traffic. TifTuf is an outstanding performer when a good-looking fineleaf lawn is required. Darker green in colour than other Bermuda grass varieties, TifTuf maintains its rich natural colour longer under drought stress too.

TifTuf can be a highly invasive grass variety and requires regular mowing to ensure that the length of the blade is kept under control. Trimming the edges will be required periodically to prevent sprawl. Otherwise, the TifTuf grass variety is self-repairing, shade-tolerant and fantastic in winter.

3. Nullarbor Couch

Nullarbor Fine Fescue Blend Special

The Nullarbor Couch Santa Ana Turf is a tough and durable lawn that looks best when mown short. You will often see this type of grass variety on golf tees and fairways and communal sporting precincts. Given its high wear characteristics, this lawn is highly intolerant to shade and enjoys being exposed to the sun approximately 6-7 hours per day. Given it is a fine-leafed couch grass and a warm-season grass that thrives on sun and heat, ensure it is not installed next to tall and bushy plantation.

This grass variety is less invasive than other creeping varieties. The lawn enjoys low maintenance but will become thirsty during the summer months. During winter, you will see the leaves brown as the temperature dips and during frost-like conditions.

4. Eureka Kikuyu

Eureka Kikuyu Turf

Unlike the Nullarbor Couch which thrives when it is cut to a low 10-20 mm, the Eureka Kikuyu enjoys a longer growth of around 25-50 mm. This grass variety is known for being a tough and durable grass variety because it tolerates dry summer periods well. The variety is self-repairing and ideal for pets as it does not harbour too many pests and diseases.

While the grass variety is ideal all year round, it does require regular mowing because it can grow rapidly due to its dense characterises. Its tolerance in waterlogged conditions makes it ideal for areas where it rains regularly. Otherwise, its lush green appearance is favoured by all.

5. RTF Tall Fescue

RTF Tall Fescue

RTF or Rhizomatous Tall Fescue is a self-repairing grass variety. It is dark green in colour and soft to walk on under foot. Grown in cool climate areas it copes well with both sun and shade. It’s a deep-rooted grass variety which makes it more drought tolerant than other cool season varieties. However, it doesn’t have the drought tolerance of the warm season grasses and does enjoy a good watering.

This grass variety does look great all year round and is known for its best-in-show characteristics. It looks picture perfect all the time and is ideal for both domestic and commercial areas.

6. Sir Grange Zeon Zoysia

Sir Grange Turf

Sir Grange is a fineleaf, shade and sun-tolerant grass that exhibits good drought tolerance qualities. Developed in Australia through extensive global research, this grass variety is ideal for the unique Australian climate conditions and is extremely versatile. Given its scientifically backed design and breeding conditions, this turf is low-allergenic, can be mowed at a wide range of heights and survives during sunny and freezing temperatures. You can also use decking on yards.

For land owners who want a grass variety with minimal maintenance and care requirements, look no further than the Sir Grange Zeon Zoysia. In addition, it is also weed and insect resistant and ideal for play, high traffic and low use environments.


Regardless of the grass variety, you end up choosing, all turf varieties sold by Anco Turf come with a 10 year product warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your turf is backed by us because we pride ourselves on manufacturing leading lawn varieties that have exceptional qualities all year round. If you need further information about a grass type, or need help to choose the best grass turf, contact us on 1800 010 110.

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Are you looking to acquire a new lawn for your front yard or backyard? What variety of grass do you think would look good and function best at your property?

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