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New Years Lawn Resolution

New Years Lawn Resolution

  • 18 - 07 - 2017
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By Anco Turf

Take a look at your backyard. Is it tired and the lawn is looking drab? Would you consider a lawn renovation if you thought it was easy? Well it is and here is how you do it.

Anco Turf

To begin the process add some drainage if necessary. Shape and re-level the clay base so that it slopes to a drain that is away from the house.

Install a sprinkler system if you want the easy way out for watering. These are relatively inexpensive for small areas and are simple to install. Get some advice from the experts at an irrigation shop. You will find them extremely helpful.

A mowing edge along the retaining wall will help whoever mows it once the lawn is established and now is the time to do it prior to the topsoil being laid. Following that the area will need at least 100mm of a sandy loam topsoil to be added if you are going the full Monty or just a slight topdress if the lawn just needs a little TLC.

Once the topsoil is down and roughly levelled add a small amount of Dynamic Lifter to the surface and work it into the top 50-60 mm (new lawns). This will hold some moisture and nutrients in the free draining sandy loam. Source a sandy loam soil that does not have too many fine particles as these bind the soil up and compact quickly. If you have read our earlier blogs you will know all about the perils of compaction. Never use “compost soil lawn mixes” as they compact very quickly and are poor drainers.

When all of that is done level off the surface and slightly firm it up so that when you walk on it you are only leaving a 5-10 mm imprint. Next stage is to apply a Lawn Starter fertiliser to the surface at the label rate on the bucket and get ready to lay the turf. It’s that easy.

Follow this blog to see if I follow up on my NYR. If I get cracking I will also post some pictures on our Facebook page. Take a look and “Like” us if you do.

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