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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Laying Turf in Summer

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Laying Turf in Summer

  • 18 - 01 - 2021
  • Laying Turf
By Anco Turf

Laying turf in Summer is a great way to update the look of your garden. Whether you are planning to convert your outdoor space into an amazing entertainment area or upgrade your existing turf, Anco Turf has a wide variety of premium quality turf varieties. We supply the best types of lawns including DNA Certified Sir Walter grass, Eureka Kikuyu turf, TifTuf Couch lawn, Buffalo grass and more. To help your new turf mature properly before and after it is laid, we stock premium lawn fertilisers.

When laying turf in Summer, you need to do it right. Otherwise, you can compromise the laying and maturing process. Failing to take care when laying grass will not provide a healthy environment for the lawn to grow. To avoid unexpected problems in the future, make sure you consider common mistakes and do not repeat them. As a supplier of premium turf, we hear regularly the troubles faced when laying turf because common issues occurred that could have been easily avoided.

Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid while laying turf in Summer

1. Remove debris

remove lawn debris

It is important to remove and clean debris completely. Laying turf on a healthy bed of earth is important for the turf’s root system to develop and mature. Common debris to remove include rocks, gravel, sand, tree stumps, dead plants and weeds. Leaving this debris behind will not provide a suitable bed for your new turf to grow. Rake away the debris, remove weeds, carefully remove tree stumps and other dead plant matter, including tree roots and make sure the surface is level, even and clean.

2. Apply fertiliser

apply lawn fertiliser

Remember to apply Lawn Starter fertiliser to the ground. Laying grass on an unfertilised bed will not provide the essential nutrients required for the turf to mature and develop over time. At Anco Turf, we stock premium lawn starter fertiliser. This will help to accelerate the development of the turf’s root system. When turf is sold, it is detached from the existing earth. Failing to support the turf’s root development with nourishing fertiliser will delay the process and may cause the grass to dry out. Stimulate the grassroots with our premium lawn fertiliser spread evenly and completely over the surface.

3. Don’t store the turf

turf storage

You might be planning to lay the turf in a month’s time. Don’t buy the turf too early, and leave it in storage. Turf is a live plant, and failing to install it immediately following delivery will cause the root system to shrivel up, and the turf will dry and die. Avoid deterioration of the grass by getting it delivered on the day you intend to lay it.

4. Avoid overlapping

turf overlap

When you are laying new turf, do not overlap it with the existing turf. Ensure the turf roll is appropriately connected to the earth underneath so that the turf’s root system can develop into the soil. Placing the turf over existing turf, a garden border, or some other non-earth surface will cause the grass to dry out. This effect can spread throughout the rest of the turf and make the grass prone to pests. Check that the turf is firmly placed against the soil and trim it where required so it sits correctly. Ensure that the edges of the turf are watered so that you do not see dry grass forming around the perimeter of your new lawn.

5. Don’t forget to water

turf watering

Although the grass looks fresh and healthy when it arrives, don’t assume that less watering will suffice. The turf breeder takes utmost care to provide premium quality turf. Once the turf is laid, ensure that you water it according to the grower’s instructions. Failure to do so will stunt the development of the turf’s root system, and patches of grass may start to become dry. For the first week, you need to water the turf sufficiently at least twice a day, especially during summer when it is hot and dry. On hot, windy days, you may need to water more often. It is essential to keep the turf damp at all times until it is established.

To find the best turf in Melbourne for your property, browse our entire range online. We stock a wide range of quality turf that can be laid professionally or by yourself. For other great tips to lay turf, or to learn about other mistakes to avoid when laying turf, contact us on 1800 010 110.

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