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Which Turf Should I Buy in Winter?

Which Turf Should I Buy in Winter?

  • 17 - 08 - 2018
  • Seasonal care Turf News
By Anco Turf

Cold, wet and grey, these wintery conditions can frighten many lawn types into dormancy. Knowing what turf to buy in winter will ensure a great start to your new grass and a long-lasting lawn you can be proud of.

In Melbourne and Australia wide, there are two turf types which are designed to withstand the winter extremities. Your decision between these two should be based on its’ intended use (residential, commercial and size of land) and your budget.

DNA certified Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

Turf Tablet – Sir Walter DNA Certified BuffaloThis acclaimed turf type is the top choice for landscapers and DIY gardeners looking for the best winter turf. It can withstand the toughest winter conditions and is recommended by lawn specialists nationwide for anyone looking to lay turf in winter.

Why Choose Sir Walter Buffalo Turf When Laying Lawn in Winter?

When you lay genetically certified, high quality Sir Walter Buffalo turf in Winter you will be able to benefit from rainfall to aid in root establishment. This turf type is tolerant to frost and does not require regular warmth or sunlight to thrive. A perfect choice to enjoy all year round.

Laying Sir Walter Buffalo turf in Winter will give you a vibrant, green outdoor area that you do not have to wait to enjoy. Anco Turf has also introduced a revolutionary Turf Tablet’ solution which makes handling and laying your new lawn super-quick and easy. Turf tablets are available in DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn and can be used to patch specific areas or an entire outdoor space. This turf is known for being soft-to-touch, evergreen and easy to maintain and is ideal for all lawn areas.


Instant Turf MelbourneWinterkike is a cost-effective alternative for those looking to buy turf in winter and is most commonly used for commercial racetracks, parks and council grounds. Home gardens can also be enhanced with this lawn. At less than half the price of Premium Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn, this is a great option for a winter lawn solution. Traditional Kikuyu grass yellows off during the winter months, but Winterkike has been specially developed with improved characteristics to cope with weed invasion, wear and tear and limited maintenance.

Exhibiting a deep green colour all-year round Winterkike could be the best choice for your lawn. Anco Turf is the leading supplier in Melbourne and Victoria of Winterkike and can advise you as to whether this will be the right turf type for your needs.

Protecting you lawn during winter is also essential to helping you achieve the best result now and into the future. For helpful tips, read this article about how to protect your lawn in winter.

Remember that quality turf is a long-term investment. Whether you buy or lay new turf, you should always buy turf in Melbourne from a reputable supplier who understands all aspects of lawn quality and care. Anco Turf is Victoria’s leading grower and supplier of quality turf. You can buy turf online in Melbourne from Anco Turf with the ultimate peace of mind.

Which lawn will you choose to lay this winter? Share your thoughts with our lawn-lover community below.

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